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WARNING: Though the chatroom contains a built-in censor, we can't block every rude remark. Connect at your own risk.


  • No swearing
  • No spamming/flooding
  • No posting links to inappropriate content
  • No impersonating channel operators

Violators can and will be banned indefinitely. Type !rules to see the rules while in the chatroom.

It is recommended that you should not enter if you are under 13. And yes, acting like an idiot will get you banned.

Connection info

  • Server:
  • Channel: #TMK

Connecting to the channel

Java version
If you don't have an IRC client (see below), you can log in instantly with the Java version.

Type a nickname and hit "Connect." (Note: Spaces and special characters are not valid in IRC nicknames.)

Connecting with mIRC (recommended)
Connecting with an IRC client such as mIRC lets you run the chat in the background and not interrupt your normal web-surfing.

  1. Download and install mIRC (nagware).
  2. Open mIRC. If the Options window doesn't pop-up, go to File - Options.
  3. In Options, under IRC Servers, click Add.
  4. Put DorksNet in the Description box, in the Server box, then click Add.
  5. Enter a nickname then hit Connect.
  6. After connecting, you'll see a brief message from the server. Type /join #tmk to join the chatroom.

Or you could try this link: irc://

If you have Trillian, you already have an IRC client. Setting up Trillian for IRC may be a bit confusing, though.

Common IRC commands

Note: IRC commands must be preceded with a forward slash (/).

Change your current nickname:
/nick NewNickname (change your nickname to NewNickname)

/me likes Mario games (displays as "* YourNickname likes Mario games")

Register your current nickname:
/nickserv register [password] [email] (without the brackets)

Display current topic:
/topic #tmk

For more help, please ask a channel operator (the users with an "@").