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The games listed here have not yet launched in at least one of these regions: USA, Japan, Europe, and Australia. Note that games typically release in Canada two days after the USA release.

Date format is MM/DD/YYYY or MM/YYYY. "Q#" stands for "Quarter #." For example, Q4 would be the fourth quarter of the year: October, November, December. "H1" or "H2" means first half of the year or second half of the year, respectively.

TBD = To be determined.
TBA = To be announced.

Wii U

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker12/5/201411/13/20141/2/20151/3/2015
Mario Maker (tentative title)H1 2015Year 2015H1 2015TBA
Mario Party 10Year 2015Year 20152015TBA
Mario vs. Donkey Kong (tentative title)Year 2015Year 20152015TBA
NES Remix Pack12/5/20144/24/2014TBATBA
Yoshi's Woolly WorldH1 2015Year 2015H1 2015TBA

Virtual Console

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga4/3/20144/30/20144/3/2014TBA
Mario Party AdvanceTBATBA12/25/2014TBA
Mario Pinball Land11/27/20149/17/20149/11/2014TBA
Mario vs. Donkey KongTBA7/23/2014TBATBA
Super Mario Advance11/6/20147/16/2014TBATBA
Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2TBA4/3/2014TBATBA
Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 34/24/201410/15/20144/24/2014TBA

Nintendo 3DS


Virtual Console

Donkey Kong 312/5/20133/27/2013TBATBA
Wario's Woods11/7/20135/29/201310/24/2013TBA