Mario Party 7 Mushroom handbagsPlush handbags that resemble a Mega Mushroom, Super Mushroom, and 1-Up Mushroom.Japan2006
Nintendo 1-Up Mushroom LanyardThis is an officially licensed Nintendo Lanyard which has the Nintendo 1-Up Mushrooms on it.USA
Nintendo backpacksPerfect for holding all your Mario toys, or school books.Imaginings 3USA
Nintendo beach towelsThree Mario towels and one Zelda towel.A La Carte/SaydahUSA
Nintendo Game Boy Wallet With Tin (Super Mario Land Start Screen)The problem with this wallet is that after you buy it, you won't have money to put in it. USA2007
SMB2 bow bitersMario bites down to keep your shoes laced up.Avon ProductsUSA
SMB2 walletThe holograph is animated, with Mario lifting the block mushroom.Avon ProductsUSA
SMB2/Zelda II lunchboxThere was also a version of this produced with a blue border instead of a red one.Aladdin IndustriesUSA
SMB slumberbagYou can sleep comfortable as Mario watches over you.Ero IndustriesUSA
Super Mario 64 sunglassesFor the days when the sunshine is just too bright.USA
Super Mario lunch kitUnfortunately, the banana is not included.Aladdin IndustriesUSA
Yoshi Coin PouchHave Yoshi hold your coins for you!Japan2007


SMB2 Super Mario Automobile DeodorizerMario will freshen up that car for you.USA1989
SMB Sun Blocker Automobile Windshield ScreenMario will even protect you from the sun.USA
SMB Super Mario Antenna TopperThe only reason not to use this is because it's so awesome people may steal it.USA
Super Mario Bros. Mario Jumping Seat CoverAll you need are some Mario dice!USA
Super Mario Bros. Mario Running Utility MatDrive fast and furious with Mario keeping your car floor clean.USA


Super Mario Bros. Speaker A: POW MarioCan connect to any standard audio player.BanprestoJapan
Super Mario Bros. Speaker B: POW LuigiCan connect to any standard audio player.BanprestoJapan
Super Mario Bros. Speaker C: Question Box MarioCan connect to any standard audio player.BanprestoJapan
Super Mario Bros. Speaker D: Question Box LuigiCan connect to any standard audio player.BanprestoJapan


Mario and Link CurtainsTo match your bedding, make sure to hang these curtains up.
Mario and Luigi Beach TowelI just hope your day at the beach turns out better than Mario's and Luigi's.USA
Mario Party 7 Mario Tissue BoxMario and mushrooms sit atop this tissue box.Japan2006
Mario Party 7 Mushroom Tissue HoldersPlush Tissue boxes that resemble a Mega Mushroom and a Super Mushroom.Japan2006
New Super Mario Bros Mini-Mushroom Plush Pencil HolderThe Pencils won't suffer from shrinkage, trust me.Japan2007
New Super Mario Bros One-Up Mushroom Plush Pencil HolderYou put 100 pencils in, you get an extra life.Japan2007
New Super Mario Bros Plush Mega Mushroom Mushroom Coin BankSuper size your future by saving in this Mega Mushroom bank!Japan2007
New Super Mario Bros Plush Mini-Mushroom Mushroom Coin BankMinimize your spending by saving in this Mini-Mushroom bank!Japan2007
New Super Mario Bros Plush One-Up Mushroom Coin BankYou put 100 coins in, you get an extra life.Japan2007
New Super Mario Bros Plush Super Mushroom Coin BankBonus Points if you put in Gold Coins.Japan2007
Nintendo/Mario Magnet Set 1This Nintendo Magnet Set features a few different catch phrases and Mario character art.USA
Nintendo/Mario Magnet Set 2This Nintendo magnet set features the original controller along with icons from the Mario & Zelda series.USA
Official Mario Plush ChairSit on Mario's lap in comfort.USA
SMB2 ClockMario, can you tell me what time it is?
SMB2 Clock Mario, Friends, & EnemiesMost of the characters from SMB2 make an appearance on this clock.
SMB Luigi bankLuigi's so serious about protecting your money, he put on his black gloves.USA
SMB Mario Alarm ClockThere's only one question: Where's the snooze button?
SMB Mario bankMario is serious about protecting your money.USA
SMB Mario ClipNow all we need is an open bag of Mario Bros. chips!USA1988
SMB Mario DeskA Super Mario super desk!NintendoUSA1989
SMB Pillow CaseGo Mario rider Go!
SMB Wall Trim
 - Package of item
Mario says, "Putting up the walltrim is a lot easier than rescuing the princess!"North American DecorativeUSA
SMB Warp Pipe Telephone (Red)A blue variant was also produced.USA
SMB Waste BasketYes, they made a Mario trash can.USA
Super Mario beddingThese may not be found at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, but there was a time you could purchase Mario bedding.Spring IndustriesUSA
Super Mario Bros Cap CushionWhen these were released, they were mistaken for wearable hats.BanprestoJapan
Super Mario Bros ClockCan't remember what time it is because of your long SMB session? Buy one of these and stay in the game!BanprestoJapan
Super Mario Bros Coin Star Seat Cushion PillowWhy not sit on a coin?BanprestoJapan
Super Mario Bros Dot Design MatIf you have cats, I wouldn't suggest putting them on the floor.BanprestoJapan
Super Mario Bros TowelsDry up with the Super Mario Bros.BanprestoJapan
Super Mario Bros. 1-Up Mushroom Pillow CaseThis pillow case's finished size is 20" x 30" (51 cm x 72 cm) and to fit 20" x 26" (51 cm x 66 cm).USA
Super Mario Bros. BandagesMario's there for you whenever you get hurt.
Super Mario Bros. ceiling fanTo compliment your Mario bedroom.USA1988
Super Mario Bros. DX Turtle Cushion PillowA Koopa Troopa pillow.BanprestoJapan
Super Mario Bros. Magnet Set 1Each of the 9 magnets come with a block, but the blocks are not magnets.BanprestoJapan
Super Mario Bros. Magnet Set 2Each of the 8 magnets come with a block, but the blocks are not magnets.BanprestoJapan
Super Mario Brothers Green Mushroom Coin BankA bank styled after the mushrooms from SMBJapan
Super Mario Brothers Red Mushroom Coin BankA bank styled after the mushrooms from SMBJapan


Nintendo Dot Graphics MagnetPut this on your fridge and enjoy.UnifiveJapan


Koopa ParatroopaThis surprised critter is part of the Ace Novelty Series 'A'Ace Novelty Co.USA
Luigi-runningI love the days when Luigi was just a differently colored version of Mario.Ace Novelty Co.USA
Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2 March Of The Minis Kong PinThis is cute, but where is a Mini-Mario Pin?USA2007
Mario w/hammerMario with hammer, but no Donkey Kong?Ace Novelty Co.USA
Mario w/motorcycleMario was born to be wild.Ace Novelty Co.USA
Mario w/skateboardBefore Tony Hawk, there was Mario.Ace Novelty Co.USA
Mario-profileMario is jumping high on this pin.Ace Novelty Co.USA
Mario-standingMario showing you who's number one!Ace Novelty Co.USA
Nintendo Mushroom PinThis Mario Super Mushroom Pin is made of base metals.Change'sUSA2007
Piranha FlowerIf you put the Mario-profile pin above this one, it creates a scene from SMB!Ace Novelty Co.USA
SMB Complete Child World Collector's Pin SetThe entire set of pins in one collector's set.Children's WorldUSA
Super Mario Bros Donkey Kong PinDonkey Kong in his Mario Party 7 pose.Japan
Super Mario Bros King BowserBowser from Paper Mario.Japan
Super Mario Bros Koopa Troopa PinA modern version of Koopa Troopa.Japan
Super Mario Bros Luigi PinLuigi from SMWJapan
Super Mario Bros One Up MushroomA 1-Up Mushroom from NSMB.Japan
Super Mario Bros Power Mushroom PinA Power Mushroom from NSMB.Japan
Super Mario Bros. Mario PinMario from SMWJapan
Super Mario Bros. Movie Promotional PinTheatre workers happily wore these dreamy pins.USA
Super Mario Bros. Mushroom PinThe profile of a Power Mushroom.Japan
Super Mario Bros. Yoshi PinYoshi from his SNES days.Japan


Mario Christmas StockingSanta gives you extra gifts if you have a Mario stocking.USA
SMB3 CenterpieceUse these for your very own Mario party!USA
SMB3 Party cardsInvite your friends to a Mario party!USA
SMB3 Tablecloth
 - Entire party set
Use these for your very own Mario party!USA
SMB Holiday Gift BoxesHappy Holidays from Mario & Friends!USA
SMB Table coversUse these for your very own Mario party!USA
Super Mario Bros. 2 Greeting CardsThese come in two styles: one with color pictures on the front, the other with color pictures inside and a cutout shape on the front.
Super Mario Bros. 3 Valentine's Day Cards
 - Back
Nothing says 'I love you' like Mario valentine cards.USA
Super Mario Bros. Party invitationsYou're invited to a very Mario party!Reed PaperUSA
Super Mario World ornamentSanta gives you extra gifts if you have Mario ornaments.USA


Mario "Everyone Loves an Italian Boy" StickerExpress your feelings for Mario with this green sticker.USA2005
Mario Frog Suit StickerSold at Hot TopicUSA
Mario Raccoon Suit StickerSold at Hot TopicUSA
Nintendo 1-Up StickerThis Nintendo sticker is 3 inches in diameter.Change'sUSA2004
Nintendo "Know Your Mushrooms" StickersThis Nintendo sticker is 2 inches Width x 3 inches Height. It features the 1-Up, Power, Block, Reverse, and Poison Mushroom.USA2004
Nintendo Game Over StickerThese Nintendo stickers feature an image of the Poison MushroomUSA2004
Nintendo Mario Tanooki Suit StickerSold at Hot TopicUSA
Nintendo stickersThree sets of different stickers.Imperial ToyUSA
Nintendo Super Mario Bros Sticker Dispenser Roll SetYou can never have enough Mario stickers.SubarudoJapan
Nintendo: Super Mario Bros Byte Me Venus StickerSpread a good message with this sticker.USA2004
Official Nintendo stick-onsI can't believe these had to be marked down twice before someone would buy them.Mello SmelloUSA
SMB Kids-A-Peel Peel-Off StickersMake your own Mario story with these stickers and backgrounds.Novar CottageUSA
SMB Wall StickersStickers for your wall!USA
Super Mario Bros Mystery Stamper GashaponTeachers need these to grade paper's with.EpochJapan
Super Mario Bros Sticker FunThese stickers were pre-cut, making it easier for you to get going.Golden BooksUSA1989
The Official Nintendo Sticker Album
 - Back
 - Stick-Ons Sheet 1
 - Sheet 2
 - Sheet 3
 - Sheet 4
 - Sheet 5
 - Sheet 6
 - Backside
The backside offers some tips on how to use these stickers.NintendoUSA1988