TMK Turns 1

Thank you The Mushroom Kingdom has survived its first year! Amazing. I never thought it would've lasted this long.
41,000 hits in the first year of existence... not bad, considering the fact that I did almost nothing to promote the site (except for the NList thing around the beginning of 3/98).
I thought about joining the LinkExchange, but that would've cluttered up TMK with annoying banners. Anyway... thanks to everyone who sent me stuff, even if I used it or not. The first year has been fun, and hopefully I'll see you all back here next year :)

The Birth

On 03.13.97 I got an account at GeoCities just to have server space to upload files to. Not long afterwards, I had an urge to create my very own home page. This meant learning HTML. I went to one of my friends' pages, copied the source and uploaded it. I messed with the page a bit, and eventually taught myself HTML.
Now I knew HTML, but I still needed a page idea. I searched through my hard drive, and found a ton of Mario stuff that I had collected over the months. By 03.24.97 I had uploaded it all and indexed everything on a very crude website. I slapped on a GeoCities counter, and started spreading around my URL. Around this time I was doing daily updates, and I had attracted a small group of repeat-visitors. I submitted my site to Yahoo. About 2 weeks later, on 04.20.97, they added it. Later I submitted TMK to Hotbot, Webcrawler, Excite, Lycos, and AltaVista. I continuously added stuff to this site, and TMK has now grown into a huge archive that I can barely keep track of.

The Future

If you haven't noticed, I've added a new section today: "Sub-Space." This division will be dedicated to Mario emulation. I've always wanted to do something concerning Mario emulation, but due to server space, or lack thereof, it wasn't possible. I will be working on Sub-Space a lot, so be sure to check back every now and then. I'll definitely be adding more reviews and game guides, as TMK seems to lack game help.

--Deezer, 03.24.98

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