Year Two

Thank you Wow. Another 365 days of Mario madness! Server-wise, this year was a bad one for TMK. Over a span of 6 months, TMK moved 5 times, touching down on 5 different servers. Three of those servers shut down, which made it hard to notify visitors about the new locations. Then, on 11/17/98, Kevin Bowen at let me climb aboard. If it wasn't for him, this site would be a crippled mess of bytes on my Xoom account. Thank you, Kevin Bowen... I owe you big.

What's been accomplished
As you may have noticed, the updates have slowly been shifting from downloads to information. With the addition of the Mariopedia, TMK is ready to become one of the biggest sources of Mario info on the 'net. Also, a new design was introduced when I moved to This design drastically improved navigation, and was basically a place-holder for the design you see today.

The future
A previews section will be added soon, where I will cover the new Mario games in the works. Then my focus will shift to working on game info, and lots of it. I want to get the more popular games covered first, then the rarer games, and then Mario's cameos and whatnot, as well as some more screen shots up for most of the games. A TMK history special is being worked on, where I will blab on and on about this site. Oh yeah, and don't forget the Mariopedia, which I hope to have done by the end of 1999. And that's not all; I plan to have a little fun with this site... you'll never know what you'll find!

As always, thanks for sending comments, suggestions, and files. Your feedback keeps this site running. Thanks again for visiting, and I hope to see you back here next year!

--Deezer, 03.24.99

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