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I don't know how to explain it, man. I played them, and they just weren't that good. They didn't have the feel of Red and Blue. The storyline of the first game was just flat out fun, and hen Gold and Silver came out...............I just don't know.
But isn't FireRed and LeafGreen remakes of Red and Blue?

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Personally, I found Gold and Silver to be the highest point of the series. Nothing beats the sense of amazement I got out of it back in fourth grade... *sigh of reminiscence*


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I'd rather have a Pokemon Snap sequel. There was a rumor there was one coming for the DS, but some cruel person did a fake :(
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Dear Fungi Forum members, I am currently posting this message from the Wii's Internet Channel. Awsomest thing ever.

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FireRed and LeafGreen are indeed remakes of Red and Blue. They chose green instead of blue because they didn't want people confusing Sapphire with it (apparently they thought FireRed was light enough that it wouldn't be confused with the dark-red Ruby). Also, cheating devices are required to "catch 'em all" in any game except for PMD, unless you're lucky enough to have been at a special event/gone to the Pokémon Center and gotten Mew/Celebi/Deoxys that way. The starters have been tradable from the beginning of the series.

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No, they chose green because that was the original companion to red.  Japan had Red and Green, then Blue, then Yellow, with blue being the version of the game released here.
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Did you mean: I Made This Topic On The Internet Channel!

Whoops. >_<

It's kinda hard to see the text on my TV screen.

Anyway, to stay on topic, I'm surprised they haven't made a WaterBlue or LightningYellow yet.
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