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Super Mario Bros. 2 FDS Side B?

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Speed DeMonaco:
I want to buy a copy of Super Mario Bros. 2 from eBay, but I see a lot of copies with another game on side B.

Does that mean the game stops after world 4? Has anyone else run into this problem?

Considering you can reach Worlds A-D from the title screen, I'm guessing the game is 1 Side only.

Are they referring to the soundtrack? 

Side A:

Side B:

Many games fit on a single side, so you can put two entire games on a disk.

Speed DeMonaco:
Sorry for the late reply,
I know most games fits on one side, but from my experience Super Mario Bros. 2 is a two sided game, but a lot of the ones I see on eBay have a different game on side B.

Has anyone ever bought one and played it through?


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