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At what point in "Super Mario 64 DS"  Do you find mario/wario/luigi?  And how do you get to the goomba king at the end of his maze?  NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the WAFFLE!  The emblem of our land! You can shove it in a bottle or hold it in your hand!

I'll help you as soon as I get it! I don't know about Mario/Luigi/Wario yet, be patient, and never give up.

Yoshisaurus Rex:
There's actually a Goomba king in this game?  Yes, finally!  What other kind of new bosses are in it?

Your forum board has been infected by the YSR virus. Please send an error report now so we can point and laugh at you.

Raccoon Sam:
I'm not sure. But heard something like you'd have to find their caps.

I have Mario.  You have to have 8 stars.  Then a Toad will tell you where you can go and ask if you've forgot about Mario.  


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