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I am looking for a Princess Toadstool PVC figure (I'm assuming pvc means small and plastic) that once sat on top a birthday cake. We have other Mario figures too, and being the young kids that we were, my sister accidentaly dropped the Princess out of our car while it was in motion, so we have lost the Princess. The figures came from the mid- late eighties, possibly from before SMB3 came out.

The figure I'm looking for might be about the same height as this, but it would be more similar in coloring to this, I think.

EDIT: the Princess I'm looking for would come from the same era as this Mario figure, as this Mario is the same one that I've got. :)

If anybody has one they are willing to part with, then please let me know!

Chupperson Weird:
PVC means polyvinyl chloride.

So if they were all pvc, they would be all polyvinyl chloride figures? Whatever it is they are made of, the Princess one is similar to the Mario one that I pointed out above.. The Princess one above might be the one I'm talking about, as the more I look at it, the more I'm convinced it was that one.

I was sure there was another one that had a more pink dress, and she was holding her hands to her hip area (kind of like the Peach standing still spirte in the first Paper Mario game).

Update! I have found a picutre of the Princess Toadstool figure I am looking for! ..sorry for bumping my own topic and adding nothing to it..

Turns out that I should browse the merchandise page more often. Silly me.

Lizard Dude:

--- Quote from: Toad on September 10, 2007, 12:14:18 AM ---adding nothing to it..

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Dude you added a pic of exactly what you want.


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