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Well, that's exactly my point. I can't say off the top of my head what all the threads you made are, but I'm sure they were more relevant than MM's.


"I died on 6-4." "I got the Orange Portal Gun." That's what separates games from movies and, to me, makes them more fulfilling. It's not Mario who you say died. You died. Bonus comedy: The one who entered as Zero Suit Samus is a dude and the one who entered as Ike is not.

If you don't like self-insertion, don't worry--I don't intend to do it very often. If you do like self-insertion, do worry--I don't intend to do it very often.


You must post (or make) the full-sized version of this right now.


It's been on my wall for some time now.

Edit: I ate at that restaurant for lunch today (It's called Fancy Burger. Isn't that great?) and checked for my accuracy. I got the horrible lavender color scheme right, but the floor is tan in the real one. The door is actually to the left of the window to the kitchen and it's white, and where I drew the door is an absence of wall, so you could go to the kitchen from there. The Dr Pepper is in fact the second drink from the left though, and I'd say I drew the cashier pretty well. Regardless of the paint job, they have decent food. Especially if you're me and get the tomatoes, pickles and onions your friends don't like.


--- Quote from: MaxVance on September 24, 2008, 08:55:10 PM ---He doesn't want to suffer the fate that befell Mario Maniac.

--- End quote ---
I wonder how it feels to be unable to post threads. I've read MM's threads (some of them) and I'm afraid that they are mainly dukar threads. You should make a webcomic, BP.


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