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In all actuality, if I wasn't on a Mac, I'd play it

Oh god. It's beautiful.

I think this standalone version will work on a mac

(also fixed glitches, changed controls, added controller support)


BP bought some adspace in SSB4.


I shaded all the sprites I've made so far because there's going to be this water move:

which called for a darkening/contrast-raising effect (surprisingly I actually had to make a custom material shader to do this) for things made wet and shading to accentuate it. As for what else it does... nothing, yet. How anything reacts to a specific hitbox is going to have to be done on a case-by-case basis. But the funny thing is, I played Mario Sunshine again to see if it had any interesting applications for water that I could steal the [dukar] out of. And I ended up taking note of only one thing: expanding cloud platforms. Nearly everything else FLUDD does is either completely obvious, or makes no sense and is only there because when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Take away Mario's punches and kicks, suddenly everyone is hurt by water. A springboard that you switch from carry mode to use mode by spraying with water? WHY NOT. Fortunately I already have some other ideas of what to do with water, involving buckets, oversized cattle prods, ice, and things like that...

The death sequence (sans Freddie, whom I've yet to animate dying). The grave stays where it is after the player respawns and can be picked up, thrown, stood on...

Those little lantern guys on the left are just some placeholder objects for tests. In the likeness of these little lantern guys I made up for another game concept I want to do later. And as NPCs in this. And most every other game I make in the future because I love them

^That, specifically, isn't gonna happen, I drew that just for fun... although, specific stuff that's going to go on in the narrative is still up in the air and not of the highest concern. I do know that, for this, I want disconnected self-contained stories within the larger one like Paper Mario, but with a little potential for sequence breaking... or even total nonlinearity, in the case of a New Game + where you have all your moves already.

Nothing about game development is interesting and I am sorry to have betrayed your expectations


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