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Felt like doing some 3D so I made this stage that I'd had in mind for years, the minish bar in TMC because the minish are gr9


Somebody else made the Minish Cap Link mod.

I probably won't make a whole lot more stages. I want to redo Osohe Castle and I've already got some work done on one based on Parachute but I'm running out of stages I want to replace in my Project M build and should be putting time into other Good Stuff

Those Rayminish frighten me.

GBA table's a great touch.

LOL Suffix told me to get rid of the quote, so i did.

The best way to learn forum etiquette is to make the improving edits yourself. Behold how in my ripe old age (25) I have become a most wise and...uh...benelovant, moderator.


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