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Your user names on other sites?

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Neogaf: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/member.php?u=16304
StumbelUpon:  http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/dennisshows

These things are easy enough searched so I don't really care about being private about them. 

I'll add more later. 

PS:  I also just did a Google search and saw Suffix's caricature of me again and was a little upset by it because I instantly recognized myself and had worn the same hat today.  I also found some things that are definetly not me:  http://www.nairaland.com/luigison/posts 

I've had the problem of registering for sites that already had a Luigison, but found it strange since my username is actually a typo. 

What is your username/persona on other sites? 

Political views, ancestry, usernames... Luigison, when did you join the FBI/CIA/NSA?

Hmm. Perhaps I should take down those old caricatures. Not that my drawing ability has improved much, I should think.

I've used variations on "Suffix" on other sites: Ian_Suffix, Sufijo, サフィックス (safikkusu), and Souflet, which I probably spelled incorrectly. With the exception of Ian_Suffix (Steam), I use none of them, so linking to where they were used is kind of a moot point.

Embarrassingly enough, I am most widely known as ハグ (Hagu), a nickname I obtained in my first semester of Japanese classes at college. When I grew bored of traditional methods of study, I took my desire for learning to Nico Nico Douga, where I had previously been entertained by the Let's Play (that is, Jikkyou Play) and MAD videos. There, I decided to use the hype behind Fallout: New Vegas and launch my own Jikkyousha persona, to recruit curious viewers into helping me with my studies. Interest has waxed and waned, but all in all, it's worked out pretty advantageously for me. Deezer can probably attest to this, as my translation skills have grown immensely.

A little more than a year after I began, I discovered the reference the nickname was based off of was/is a girl's name. I was rather mad at the time, but now I recognize that it's both easy to remember, and the conflict between the effeminate name and the crass methods by which I've played games like New Vegas, Skyrim, and Minecraft is kind of amusing.

I try for BriGuy92 everywhere. If that's taken, I go for BriGuy90Two. That's never been taken yet. The only other username I've got that I can think of is bribo92 on AIM, which I thought up when I was in fourth grade and didn't realize that "bribo92" both looks and sounds dumb.

On Nintendo Life, I'm just Electric. On Kingdom of Loathing, I am Electric1.  My Youtube account is ElectricalGear, but I have no videos yet.


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