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Yoshisaurus Rex:
Uh-oh!  It's another dumb topic from Yoshi. Rex.  This can only spell disaster!  I really hope not.  Anyway this topic is for the new members of the site to come and be able to introduce themselves to everyone, and talk about themselves and what they like and stuff (and maybe ask a few questions about the site).  This is completely optional and they can still make new topics to say hi but I just thought it would be handy to have one place where the "newbies" as some call them could talk about themselves.  If this is a bad idea then Deezer can quickly delete this like my other bad ideas, but I want to try this.  So, who's new here?

Your forum board has been infected by the YSR virus. Please send an error report now so we can point and laugh at you.

Alright then, he comes the first disaster and that's a-me, weeehehehehh!

No serious.. My intro is in the topic: we luv mario from superstarMASIAH and my topic: btw, my topic. But from now on you can ask me things here then. :)

I'm-a back! I'll call myself a new member cauz I sort of am, sort of not... sheesh, who cares anyway?

BTW, Yoshi-Rex, I love the way every single time you post it's at least 5 lines! It's so... so... um, warm! Can you do a one-lined post for me?

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C''mon Blue! Dry Blue! C''mon!"
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Dark Princess:
I am not really new anymore but I am new and I like this place so far. I hope I'll like it forever!

Lizard Dude:
Strange Mr. Rex, that you didn't post in one of the countless already created threads exactly like this when you were new. Oh well.

This really only works on more technologically advanced message boards that have sticky threads.

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