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Title: Director of the Super Mario Bros. Film Remarks on Troubled Production
Post by: David on June 09, 2016, 11:49:37 PM
The British magazine Sci-Fi Now recently published an interview with Rocky Morton, co-director of the Super Mario Bros. movie (  Rocky, who shared directing duties with Annabel Jankel, answered questions and provided insights into the difficulties behind the scenes.

(  "Danny De Vito turned us down"
(  "We were with CAA, the agency, and our agent set over the script for Super Mario Bros. and I read it and I hated it, but I sort of loved the concept for it. I said to Annabel, I said, ‘This script is terrible but I think this could be our Batman!’"
(  "I had to stand by with the new script, obviously, and tell them that it was great when I knew it wasn’t."

These, and many more exciting bits of trivia, can be found over at Sci-Fi Now (!

Link: Sci-Fi Now: Super Mario Bros.'s Rocky Morton: 'It was a harrowing experience' - Director Rocky Morton had the worst time making Super Mario Bros. (