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Oh no.

But actually this news seems pretty rad. Hopefully it turns out to be a good idea. Maybe there will finally, finally be a good video game movie.

Ratchet & Clank beat 'em to that particular first, at least in my book.

But I'd hardly say "no" if they can do well with it.  I'm encouraged by their seeming desire to handle as much of it internally as possible.  Part of me thinks they'd skip right over Mario and do a Zelda movie first considering that franchise is more inherently friendly to an adaptation attempt with its emphasis on story and even its genre.

Wait, isn't this like the third time in a decade this story has popped up? Not that it wouldn't be cool if they actually pull it off. In the meantime, trailer music choices aside, I'm predicting Assassin's Creed will finally break the bad videogame movie jinx.

In any case, I want to slap whatever Facebook Trending sidebar editor acted like that weird cop-themed Zelda movie was something to get excited about.

Fire Emblem movie.
It needs to happen.

If a game has left you wanting to watch what happened in it after you were supposed to experience it yourself, it wasn't a good game


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