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Mario's Crowbar (Fanfiction)



(Firstly: This story contains horror elements, dark elements, OC characters, and a complex plot. There is a lot of horror at the beginning but it is not the main theme of the story.)

(Secondly: If you are angry because I am linking out of site, please read below.)

This site, The Mushroom Kingdom, was like my internet cradle, it was a place I spent every day on back when I was in middle school. Fittingly, this was the place where I put all of my fanfictions, my writings. I never finished my stories and I never edited what I wrote because I was a stupid kid, but I was happy with the small amount of attention I received.

I eventually moved on and basically stopped writing for about four years. Like all things these years were both good and bad for different reasons, but I eventually felt the ache to write again in my heart. Writing is not meant to be my profession in life, so I decided I was satisfied with the hobby of writing fanfictions. I returned to an old story I once posted here and began to rewrite it, actually making an effort to edit and use the improved writing skills I had developed over the years. What I have made—and am still working on—is the above.

So why am I posting this here? Because this was where I started out, and I know that some here used to read my stuff. Those people may have moved on in their lives, but there may be others here who could be interested in my writing.

However, I admit that a large part of this is also nostalgia, and that I simply want my "greatest work" (as far as a fanfiction can go) to be ingrained in my first home.

TL;DR: I am a weirdo who still writes Mario stories, read it if you like. 

EDIT: The story has been removed from Fanfiction. I am turning it into an original novel. Keep this on the low down ; )


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