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Hi, I posted a new thread in the Fan Creations section yesterday. It was titled "Super Mario custom figures" but noticed today the title was changed to "Re: Let's count to a million FOR REAL" but if you click on the thread, my original posts are still there (minus the pictures). Under the "Started by" column, the name was changed also.

I don't believe I broke any rules? I made some custom figures and wanted to share them here (they aren't for sale if that was the issue).  I believe the Fan Creations section was the best place to post them.

Can anyone help me out?

Sorry, I'm not sure what happened. There's nothing in the Moderation Log so maybe it was a server/database hiccup? Another weird thing is your attachments ended up in another topic, too.

Can you please repost it as a new topic, and I'll delete the duplicates. Thanks.

Oh wow that is weird. I'll post again, thank you!


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