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Quest for Destiny! : All Worlds Share the Same Sky...

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Destiny Smasher:
All right. Well, I'm really pressed for time right this minute, so, uh...

OK, if you're interested in reading a 'Melee' based fic (Although comparing it to Melee is bad, it has much more to it than that...) then hop over here for now until I get time to post the fic on this forum...


Anyway, just bear this in mind...

It starts off looking like a Yoshi Fan fic, but it becomes MUCH MORE. More than you'd imagine, I'm sure...

I mean, characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and even characters from Final Fantasy games and Kingdom Hearts appear as crucial roles later on...Much later, albeit, but...

Nintendo, Sega, Squaresoft, Capcom...None are safe from the tidal waves of War!

Your World, my World...What''s the difference? There is none. Our worlds are all connected by the same sky...The same Destiny...It''s beginning...A War...But when the time comes, whose side will you be on? And whose side will Fate favor?

Only time will tell...Time is of the essence...Your Quest for Destiny is underway, my friend...But will you find the path that suits you within the chaos of War...?

Can't wait!

Hamster Sauce!

Destiny Smasher:
Ermmm...All righty, then. Better than nothin'.

But here's da fine print first. If peopke don't review it and actually tell me what they LIKE about it and WHY and what needs IMPORVEMENTs- ya know, that sorta thing- I won't waste my time here, OK?

I have lots of places this fic goes up, I haven't got time to post it when no one's readin'.

Well, here's a huge block of writin-. Hope you enjoy, although the prologue sucks royal tail.

Quest for Destiny!

The Epic Adventure.

Preface: Listen up. I don't own the SSBM characters, or many of the other characters in this fic. I will let you know at the end of a chapter which characters are owned by who when someone new is introduced. I just want to let you all know that this fic will mislead you- the plot, as you will see, is much more than a Yoshi on a simple quest.

I would also like to say that I greatly appreciate all and any reviews or comments. I'm trying to get better writing skills. Another note about ratings- although the rating is PG-13, some chapters aren't bad at all; while others are pretty violent, so keep a lookout. I will warn you that there will be blood and lots of violence in some chapters, and a warning to you all- there will be swearing in many cases. Much of this will be edited, but some will not.

Now, enjoy.

Part 1: The War Begins!

Prologue- The Portals of Time Open...

Destiny. Fate. What will your future possess? Will the choices you make today affect you ten, twenty years from now? When did time all begin? Did a God create everything? Was there once nothing? Nothing? How could there be nothing? (Sorry, I digress.)

What does Fate have planned for you? Will Destiny decide your entire life? You might be thinking, "NO! I run my own life!" But can you be positively sure? Perhaps Fate bases itself on your choices. You have some say in the matter. If you make a right choice, you continue the way you were, maybe better. Wrong choice, you're halted. Barred down.

Perhaps now it is difficult to grasp the mighty Fate in our hands and figure it all out. It's hard to find our answers, from deep within he turning cogs of time (Chrono Cross can have an influence on you!), but what we do know is that we exist in our world. That's it. We know nothing more. We can't even be entirely sure that this really IS a world. Perhaps it is only the fictious imagination of someone else... We only choose to believe what a book says. We have no proof. We only choose to believe what a scientist says. You can't always believe something. It doesn't matter. Anything is possible.

What if everything you see is more than what you see-the person next to you is a warrior and the space that appears empty is a secret door to another world? What if something happens that shouldn't? You either dismiss it, or you accept that there is much more to the world than you think. Perhaps it really IS a doorway, and if you choose to go inside, you'll find many unexpected things.

Sound familiar? Shigeru Miyamoto once said that, it's on the back of your Game Cube box. Really!

Which brings us to our story. It begins with a dinosaur named Yoshi and his quest to save his friends and a valuable treasure, but it soon becomes much more.......

Now, to understand the present, we'll have to investigate the past.

It all started a long while back, when two twin brothers named Mario and Luigi Mario were being delivered to their home in the Mushroom Kingdom by a stork (Don't ask, the people who made Yoshi's Island did it that way).

Anyway, while the stork was flying, a Magikoopa swooped through the air and tried to steal them. Fortunately, he only swiped Luigi, while baby Mario fell downward landing safely on a green Yoshi's back on an Island inhabited by many Yoshies. (Sounds like more than just coincidence, doesn't it?) The green Yoshi found a map with the baby and decided to tell his friends back at his home village.

Meanwhile.....On the island of the Koopa Kingdom a little ways off from this particular isle, the Kidnapper of Luigi, named Kamek, thought of what to do next. Kamek was a mean and nasty Magikoopa who longed for revenge, but back then, little was understood as to WHY...He had predicted that these two babies would befall the Koopa Kingdom one day, and cause misery to Bowser, the Koopa Prince whom he was the Guardian of after the tikes parents were killed. Bowser's parents were killed in a war long ago between two forces...

(Don't worry, you'll find out about that later.)

Bowser's parents had demanded Kamek to watch out for the baby and see to it he became a noble King like his father. Kamek had to find the other baby, and he'd try to revert the both of them to evil ways. So, he ordered his Toadie troops to find the baby and capture it.

(Toadies are weird little red guys with goggles and propellers on their heads. Don't get them confused with Toads.)

So, as the green Yoshi returned, his friends were baffled as to why a baby fell from the sky. It seemed to want to go somewhere, so they carried it across the island using a relay system. And finally, the green Yoshi had to fight the Koopa brat named Bowser, and after an exciting duel, the baby was reunited with its twin and the two were delivered to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Kamek, however, wouldn't give up so easily. He snuck to the Kingdom and destroyed it with a powerful spell. A spell called the 'Ultimate Kamekrusher'... Mr. and Mrs. Mario were killed defending their children, some say, but to this day it's a mystery quite exactly what happened to them. All that's known is a Toad named Augustus III saw Kamek coming and while the twin's parents distracted him, the Toad quickly saved the babies and brought them to your world to stay safe from Kamek's grasp. So, they grew up, slowly, surely, and merrily. But they couldn't escape the path Fate had chosen for them........

The two babies grew up and became quite good at jumping through the trees they played in. They eventually were drawn back to their homeland, just as Fate would have it. But, while they were still growing up.....

Kamek was furious! He had to construct another plan to get revenge on those Yoshies. But trying to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom had weakened him (By the way, they recovered from that quite well.) and he needed to regain his strength.

The green Yoshi that had saved the two twins in the end was honored as a hero and was appointed king. You see, the old Yoshi leader had fought in that war as well, (the one Bowser's parents were killed in) and had disappeared in duty. The new king found himself a green queen and had an egg (With a baby in it, of course!) and placed it in a nest with a few other eggs of different colors. It isn't known exactly WHY the eggs were all placed in one nest, although Yoshies are known to do this. Rumor has it that some mystical figure spoke to them in a dream, but one can't be sure. The name of this new Yoshi King was King Raptalcon.

Kamek and Baby Bowser weren't getting along too well. Kamek was so busy plotting revenge; the poor tike was practically raised by Toadies and was becoming a bit of a brat. Kamek pressed on, though. He cooked up a spell. Turn Yoshi's Island into a storybook and steal a tree called the Super Happy Tree, which gave off fruit that made the depressed overjoyed when eaten. So, he did, and the loss of the tree made all the Yoshies go into a great depression. But those eggs....they were ready to hatch. And they did. A red, a pink, that green, a blue, a purple, and a yellow.

They knew something was wrong (Yoshies have high IQ's for being just born) and decided to stop the threat. So, they traveled through the island and saved the tree. Along the way, they found a black egg and a white egg, which had been stolen from that nest. The eggs hatched shortly after. Sooooooooooo.....

The king and queen were quite proud of their son, and named him Yoshi. Why? That's like naming a dog Dog, isn't it? Well, as it turned out, he was to be the perfect example of a Yoshi and would one day help lead an army to save it all....Yoshi's Island, the Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, Kongo Island, Dreamland, Kanto/Johto, I mean everything...

Yoshi, along with all those other Yoshies-are now 16 years old. While they were maturing, the royal family advisor, a white fly-guy named Alex, had found a large egg. A beautiful egg. An egg with a shell of solid, seemingly unbreakable gold. It had dark golden spots all over its glimmering surface. It's said the marvel was found in a cave carved in the foot of one of Yoshi's Island's four main mountains. The four mountains that ruled over all, their cold, tall, icy peaks to watch over the island like kings.

The egg was brought to the castle of Raptalcon, the assigned monarch, and Yoshi's father. He placed it in a room to its own, a nice, neat little room at the end of a hallway for decoration. The egg's surface was quite hard, the dinos noticed. It didn't seem to do much of anything as far as magic was concerned, but Raptalcon was suspicious. It seemed quite special, indeed, to serve no purpose. The egg remained as a piece of eye candy for a long time, until the night the old mage coot Kamek paid a little visit....

Kamek had grown even more detached from his stepson, and the Koopa grew up to be a very vicious and greedy king. He had kicked Kamek down to the basements of his extensive castle, and for those years, little was known of him. He'd been the one who had created clones of Bowser's younger self (The Baby Bowsers you see in the Mario Party games, for example.) and had helped Bowser out here and there, but the two stayed separate socially. But recently, Kamek had been listening to his resources well. The Yoshies had a big, gold egg in their possession, and he wanted it. Badly. He devised a plan to breach the castle's defenses and steal the egg. Then, he could find out just what it did. And hopefully, it could give him the magical boost he needed for his future plans to start...


Chapter 1- Midnight Bandit


It was a clear, frigid night as the Magikoopa whizzed through the twilight air. It was quite a cold night, indeed, the air almost freezing his nose as it soared past his pudgy face. The ominous moon was near full off in the sky, and it was large behind him in vast the dark blue. The sky was cloudless and serene. He hadn't been on a good flight for ages. But this night, he had a purpose. He knew that the Gold Egg had to do something, and he wanted it badly.

"Nothing like a midnight flight..." he muttered to himself, relaxed.

Over the scenic island he flew, and he cackled when he thought of what he'd do to Raptalcon and his family when he stole that egg. The pure look of fear and surprise on their faces. His mind was averted to his current situation as he leaned his broom down to land behind a shop in the main square of the village. He carefully hid his broom behind an old box among many leaned up on the building's side, stocked with fruit, weapons, armor, and medicine.

A sly, merry grin spread across him as his wand was drawn from its place beneath his sky blue cloak. He had been able to recover some magical attributes over the years he had studied while trapped in the castle's underside, and although he knew many spells, they never seemed to work, oddly enough.

Maybe he was getting too old? No. He immediately dismissed the thought. He needed a better source of magic than an ancient piece of Star Stone. The mystical powers of this rock could be immense, but this particular one was old and worn, like the Magikoopa who wielded it.

He knew that the Gold Egg had to have magical potential. Lots. He could feel it. Magic knows magic, and he could feel the power tingle within him at the mere thought of the treasure.

So, quietly, he slowly peered over the walls of the store to see two guards clad in gear standing before the main gates, their eyes stone cold, with almost no tiredness in them. That would change soon enough.

He had brought a few things to help him out, of course. And, like always, Kamek had a backup plan should they fail. So, he carefully scooped out something from a pocket within his massive cloak, each pocket concealing something new and potentially dangerous.

When his hand came back out to the chilly night air, it was grasping a tube. A tube that looked similar to that of one of toothpaste. On it were the words, 'Repel Gel.' Silently, he unscrewed the plastic cap and squeezed an application's worth of the clear gel into his scaly palm.

As it was lathered upon only his hands, the gel started to take full effect, making his whole body and clothes gain the attribute of a ghost- invisible and transparent.

After a couple of seconds of getting used to this transformation, Kamek started to silently slink toward the main gate of the minor castle that was before him. The piercing eyes of the Yoshi guards flew through him, and Kamek felt confident that this was going to work.

They were two rough, surly males. One purple, and one black. They both had equipped a shield and sword. The shield was of a classic shape, with a giant Yoshi egg painted on its front. The sword was a nice, sharp blade that glinted in the moon and had a red handle.

Kamek slipped out his invisible wand from beneath a similarly transparent garment as he noticed the noses of the two gruffly guards starting to pick up an odd odor in the night air.

Catching the guards by surprise, he called out, "Hypnotic Dust!!"

As these words were called, a cloud of thick, black powder floated outward from the wand's tip, and as it gracefully drifted to the ground, so did the two Yoshies, sound asleep.

Snickering with a humor not awaken for what felt like ages, the Magikoopa gleefully swung open the giant red doors, their squeaking surprisingly soft for being so big. "Stupid dinosaurs..." he muttered to himself, still finding the two guards amusing.

The dark interiors of the castle greeted him next, and he smiled. So neat, so tidy. The red carpet that led down the large room to the next, the paintings all aligned along the walls. The floors: immaculate tiles with all kinds of inscriptions upon them. The air clean and fresh.

It had been a long while since last he had visited here...

But what he was here for now was much more important. So he sneaked through the halls, and darted through the doors. Using his Hypnotic Dust here and there, he was granted easy access to the hallway where they rested- the king, the queen, and their child.

This darkened hallway was slightly lit by the open windows on its left side. The floor had another nice, neat carpet along it, with gold trimming. To his right, about ten feet forward, was a door. A door that led to the prince's bedroom. The door was open at the moment, and some dim light eradiated from it.

Kamek sighed deeply. Yoshi always had to stay up late to play his accursed video games, didn't he? That meddling brat would be taught a lesson soon enough. But Kamek couldn't dare attack now. It was useless, he knew.

The King and Queen could overpower him easily in this weaker state he was in. Besides, he couldn't use his magic to kill those too pure of heart. Not yet, at least. But with time...he would gain power. If he had enough dark power, it could counter attack the positive energies of those he despised.


And then those three....They would be gone. And he could win in a heartbeat against the whole of Yoshi's Island. Those three, chosen by Fate to one day protect their kind....





The names he had loathed with a passion since their births sixteen years before. He had kept track of them with his magic over the years, and he knew they were weak now, but if he waited too long to challenge them...

They could ruin everything. Which was why the plan had to be perfect. And it nearly was...

And step one was about to take place.


The door to Yoshi's bedroom slowly peered open, and a green head poked out to glance down the dark, moonlit hallways with wonder. A knot balled up in his stomach, but he saw nothing odd, nor heard anything. His nose couldn't pick up the scent of anything out of the ordinary.

A sweet, soft voice called to him in a near whisper.

"Yoshi..?" What's wrong?" The concern of the tone brought the creature's attention back to his room.

"Uh..." he hesitated a moment, "...Nothin'. I just...thought there was somebody out in the hallway," he replied with an edge of weariness in his words as he slowly closed the red door and returned to the comfort of his room. Perhaps he had been staying up too late these past few nights?

"Yea, right," a sarcastic voice answered. "You're just stalling time because I'M kickin' your can at Smash Brothers Melee!!" the dialogue accused.

"That's not it!" Yoshi protested back.

His red friend nodded with a roll of the eyes. This red Yoshi's name was Fireball.

"Yeaa...." he said slyly, continuing his sarcasm.

That same voice that had been sweet and soft just moments before boiled a bit at her red friend.

"Would you shut up already, Fireball?" she growled irritably.

She was Tarts, Yoshi's other best friend. She was a cute pink Yoshi admired for her beauty by many a guy at school, and sought after for her feisty temper and sweet compassion.

Fireball smugly added, "And you're saying THAT because I'm kickin' your Ice Climber @$$!"

The environment of the room was warm and inviting. Posters were hung upon the dark red walls, with images of legends known far and wide. An elfish Hyrulian swordsman with a green cap...A galactic bounty hunter who adorned a metallic suit of armor...A muscular monkey with a red tie with the letters 'DK' printed on it...A stern, strong willed fox with a laser blaster in hand...And a sort of pudgy man with a thick black mustache and a red hat known all over the young dinosaur's world.

There were plastic figures topping the shelves, which jutted out of the wall, and other various knicks and knacks.

Two big beds lay on opposite sides of the room, adjacent to the door, while straight ahead of the entrance was a wide, open space with a TV leaned up against the wall.

One bed was for guests, and one was for the prince himself. Both blankets were covered with egg patterns of all colors.

And right now, it was the middle of the night, and the three good friends were playing a game of Melee on the television. As Yoshi slid in place on the soft carpet between his buddies, he grabbed his Gamecube controller tightly and returned to the game. It felt good to battle his friends without literally being hurt.

The match upon the set was that between Yoshi, playing as himself, Tarts, playing as the Ice Climbers, and Fireball, playing as Mario. Fireball was in the lead by two stock, while his fellows both had one.

"I just have this weird feeling in my stomach..." Yoshi moaned, his gut in slight pain.

Tarts stopped concentrating a moment and nodded to him in a agreement.

"Yea, I know. Me too. But...I guess maybe I'm just hungry..." she muttered.

Her lack of attention gave her away to her friend Fireball, who slammed her Ice Climbers away from the Hyrule Temple stage with a firey Smash Attack.

Yoshi, as well, was sent spiraling downward from Mario's Meteor Smash just seconds later as a result of his weariness.

"This game's winner is....MARIO!" a deep voice announced.

"HA!" Fireball smirked.

Tarts argued bitterly, "If we were playing Mario Kart 64, I'd SO beat you!"

Fireball nodded he was expecting that to come up.

"This ain't Mario Kart, girl. That's prissy stuff," he told her coolly.

She frowned hardly.

"What do you mean 'prissy'? What's THAT supposed to mean? Are you saying I'm a wimp?!" she demanded, almost standing up.

"Hm! It's not SUPPOSED to mean anything! It's fact! You ARE a wimp!" he laughed back.

Yoshi slapped his controller down to the carpet with a roll of the eyes.

Yep. Perfect timing...

"Guys..." he moaned amidst their quarrel.

They ignored him, so he repeated louder and clearer.

When they stopped, he informed them in an annoyed voice, "It's two in the morning! My parents said we could stay up if we were QUIET..."

The two blinked embarrassingly for a moment, until Fireball spat out immaturely, "Well, she started it."

Tarts had a look of disbelief on her face.

"What are YOU talking about?"

With a deep sigh, Yoshi retreated to his bed and sat there a moment. He noticed a framed picture on his black nightstand, and scooped it up in his green palms. It was a picture taken weeks ago, of him and ten of his good Yoshi friends. His face let out a warm smile while his two buddies spat insults at each other.

His friends. If only they didn't act so much like babies sometimes...

But he knew he could always count on them...They would always be there...Until that very night...Then, THEY would be counting on HIM...


Kamek was a little shaky after Yoshi had peered out to see what was wrong, but he was still invisible, so he remained undetected. It was a good thing he had sprayed himself with some strawberry perfume before he had entered...A good Yoshi nose could've picked him out easily.

But now that the runt had returned to his room, the magician could slip down the hall further. If he was caught, the King and Queen Yoshi could easily take him out. He wasn't strong enough just yet to wage battles with those pure-hearted- they could definitely defeat him in a wink right now. That's what the Golden Egg was for...

If his assumptions were correct, the Gold Egg contained massive amounts of magical power, but there was only one way to find out- by breaking it open.

Breaking it open had proved to be difficult for those dinos, but how hard could it be for a Magikoopa with plenty of years under his cloak?

As he silently sneaked by the royal bedroom, its door gleaming and golden, he drew near, and the hall gradually lit up with a dim golden light. He was coming close...

Finally, he reached a small, round room, about ten feet in diameter. In the center rested a black marble podium with a bowl top. In that 'bowl' sat a Yoshi egg, its surface glittering like the sun.

It was about two feet tall, and was light gold all over. Its various splotches were dark gold in color, and the whole surface was perfectly smooth after being polished every day for such a long period of time.

With the grin of a little child, the scaly hands of the old coot snatched up that which he sought quite eagerly. He almost collapsed under its weight- his arms weren't what they used to be, and this egg was quite heavy.

And so, he toted it to the nearby window, simply a wide gap in the stone walls. When one lived in the tropics, closed windows were barely necessary. However, this night was indeed a more chilly one than Yoshi's Island normally experienced. He peeked out into the night, the many buildings of the town looking back up at him in horror. He cleared his throat and hesitated a moment.

Then, he went for it. Lifted his fingers to his mouth, he let out a shrill whistle. Within a couple of seconds, his trusty broom came whizzing to his side, and he was worried for a moment that it would crash into the walls.

After its stop, he hastily hopped on carefully, making sure not to drop his new treasure. He instantly scooped out his wand, its sleek metallic handle glinting in the moonlight.

With a short wave, the egg levitated from his hands and hovered loyally at his side, and thus the three of them took to the skies, as Kamek pondered a way to open it.

With a shout and a wave of the wand, a blast of fire energy collided with the Gold Eggshell, but it barely did anything at all, leaving behind an unscathed Egg.

With a grunt, he had to think some more. Perhaps if he used a strong enough combination...

As he muttered names of spells, his wand began to glow more and more. Slowly it built up more and more power, until his trembling arm lifted it high enough to blast out the barrage of magic.

With a loud cry, an explosion rocked the air, sending out a pulse of unstableness. The many bright colors of light from the magical attack bombarded the Golden Eggshell, and this time, it worked like a charm. Shards of Gold rained down upon the island below him. He was extremely high up, and the pieces sparkled down upon Yoshi's Island gracefully, each piece going out in a different direction.

With a toothy grin, Kamek laughed at what met his eyes next...


Chapter 2- The Gold Egg is Gone...So What?

The dawning sun's light gently poked at his face. He turned to the other side a moment, his body irritated by the interruption. But moments later, it realized that the time had come to awaken. It would have dropped back dead asleep if it knew what was in store for it.

Two skinny green hands reached out for the morning air, stretching in unison with a yawn from a wide mouth. Two big eyes blinked groggily at the sight before him.

As he sat up slowly, wandering out of his bed, something odd happened. He plummeted a couple of feet to the ground, landing flat on his big, green nose, the fresh, hard, yellow soil meeting with it. After a moment of surprised blinking, the dino jumped awake, and realized something was very peculiar. He wasn't in his castle!

With a trembling jump, he launched himself onto his feet and frantically searched around. No Fireball. No Tarts. No one. Just trees, grass, fruit...

In shock, he stepped back, only to stumble haphazardly over the hammock that he had awoken in, slipping over his own feet and collapsing to the ground again.

Gasping in surprise and a twinge of fear, he lay there a few moments, wondering what the heck could have happened...

Trying to dismiss it all, he wobbled up to his feet once again and took a breather for a moment. He was in the Hawk's Eye Clubhouse, a tranquil place off to the east of his hometown. Yoshi and his friends, with the help of their parents, constructed this hang out about seven years ago.

It was basically an area cleared away so that trees all around surrounded it. It was adorned with a hammock, a tree house, and other various things.

As Yoshi left the area of his younger days, he let out a nostalgic sigh.

But today would be one of the most important days of his life. For today, the greatest challenge for him would start. A challenge that would breach time and space.

He carried himself out of the clubhouse to find the open, grassy plains of the area he called home. The short, clean grass blew slightly in the morning breeze.

As he sucked in the fresh air through his nostrils, his pace followed a worn path down toward his home.

As the sun raised into the sky a tad more, Yoshi's eyes caught the sight of a very familiar wooden sign. The sign had three little points jutting out. One to where he just been, one straight ahead of him, and one to his left and backward.

The one said 'Hawk's Eye Clubhouse.' The one pointed back the other path was inscribed, 'Magician's Court.' The Magician's Court was an outdoor stadium where combat was practiced. The perfect place for a magic competition.

The last arrow was directed toward Yoshi's hometown, Yoshina Village. It was where his home castle resided, and was quite a bustling place at times.

As he casually strolled on, he was met by the eastern gate of the town soon enough. There were no guards on the scene as there usually were, so Yoshi's already churning stomach bubbled again with worry.

He shoved the elegant metal doors wide open and peered inside to see townspeople making a ruckus at the huge, red front doors of the castle. The castle looked as good as it ever did, but there was an odd feeling coming out of it. Yoshi couldn't quite describe the feeling. Like...Evil had lurked within its walls just earlier that day.

As he neared the castle, the crowd's voices grew louder.

"What do you mean?! My son is missing, and if the King doesn't do anything about it-"

"My sweet little girl has vanished, and she was entrusted to the King and Queen last night! How could they let something like this happen-"

"Where's my kid?! You better go tell Raptalcon he's got something coming if he's just gonna ignore-"

"Does he not even care for his son, either?!"

Yoshi growled. Of course. No wonder his friends were all immature: their parents were babies, too.

Yoshi knew another way in, as this path was clearly inaccessible at the moment.

Trying not to draw any attention to himself, Yoshi went back to the side of the building. There was another door there in the side of the place, which was hidden by a pile of crates containing extra rations. Yoshi knew that if he moved over a couple of them, he'd find the door.

With a grunt, the few boxes were shoved over to the side and a little door was made visible.

Quickly opening it, Yoshi dashed inside the room that greeted him. It was actually a closet full of clothes for the King, mostly royal capes, and he gently pushed them aside to burst through the door and gape at the hallway to his castle.

When the door swung open, Yoshi was greeted by a woman's scream.

He cried out, too at the sight of the Black Yoshi chef.

It was Louise, one of the two royal cookers to the throne. Her partner was another black Yoshi named Louey, and the two were engaged at that time. After catching her breath for a moment, Louise's eyes bulged open.

"Yoshi...??" she murmured.

"Yea. Uhh...Sorry for the scare there.." he added in a mumble.

"Oh! Quite allright..I'm fine...But are YOU?" she wondered as she led him down the hall to the kitchen.

"Psh! Oh, yea! I'm fine. I little shaky, I guess, but OK..." Yoshi replied with a shrug.

Louise trotted with a slight waver in her voice.

As they entered the kitchen, its white, patterned walls meeting their eyes, Yoshi brought up a topic he had been wondering about.

"Hey, uh, Louise, do you know why I woke up in-"

Yoshi's question was interrupted, however, by a familiar voice.

"Yoshi!! Hey-eh!! Yea, buddy! Where the heck were YOU?"

Yoshi's eyes blinked rapidly for a second as Fireball met them.

"Fff....Fff....-" was all he could mutter. He had woken up in the clubhouse, but here was his friend, eating breakfast.

Fireball smiled with glee as he stuffed pancakes covered with strawberry syrup. The sticky goop slowly dripped down onto the plate, and Yoshi's stomach growled, and saliva poured into his mouth, ready for incoming food. But now was certainly NOT a good time for food.

"What's got a hold of YOUR ten foot tongue?" Fireball's pancake-muffled voice inquired.

"I..uh...Nothing," Yoshi muttered, realizing that something very odd was going on.

"Uh...So, where's Tarts?" he mumbled, hopeful.

Fireball's face froze a moment.

"Ummm....Well, see. we don't really-"

Yoshi tossed his arms and spun around before Fireball even finished.

"I can't believe this! What the heck happened last night?" Suddenly, in frustration, Yoshi spun around and glared at Fireball.

"Did YOU have anything to do with this?!" he grumbled with uncertainty.

"What?!" Fireball's face lit up with some anger from the accusation.

Yoshi suddenly felt a pang of guilt. Here he was putting the blame on one of his best friends.

"I...I'm sorry about that," he murmured, quickly calming down.

"I just...-" he trailed off with a sigh.

A frown still on, Fireball returned to his eating.

"Yea. I get it. You actually care about her..." he grumbled, his arms crossed.

The truth was that Fireball DID care about her, and he was angry, too. Because Tarts wasn't the only one missing.

"Just so you know," he added, his voice still tinted with a little rage, "All of our friends are missing, too. Surfer, Snoball, Ivy, Cruiser...everyone.."

Yoshi stared blankly for a moment. He had figured that was the case. Geez...

With a deep sigh, Yoshi pulled up a seat to the table and collapsed into it. Louise was fetching his already busy parents. Soon enough, his mom would choke him with a hug, and those 'I was so worried about you' comments would erupt into the room.

But right now he didn't care- he wanted to know where his friends were, and, more importantly, what had happened to them all.

He simply sat there, his appetite suddenly gone. Fireball and he shared a few moments of silence, the only noise the chewing of Fireball's jaws.

Then, came the clapping of shoes against the floor as someone came eagerly trotting toward the room.

Yoshi's eyes rolled.

"Mom..." he murmured.

Fireball's eyes lifted from his little remaining food.


Yoshi shook his head to send the message, "Never mind."

Fireball's gaze was about to meet his pancakes again, but they quickly sprung up as an adult green Yoshi wearing an elegant red cape with silver brimming came swarming into the room.

Her eyes flashed with joy as she spotted her dear son.

Instantly, her arms became tangled around the grouch-faced dino.

"OHHH!!! I'm so glad you're HOME!! We were SOOO WORRIED!!!"


Ten minutes later, the King and Queen were finally done uttering their worries and Yoshi had scarfed down some food for the long day ahead of him.

"But...How the heck could that happen? They all just...disappeared?"

The Queen replied to her son, "Yes, yes. We know it's strange. That's why we're so worried. We thought you'd all been kidnapped, but...Now we know that something possibly worse is at work..."

The King nodded solemnly.

"Boys...I've got some explaining to do..." he muttered, "But first...I am quite sure that one of your other friends is nearby...And I need all three of you here. So, I request that you both depart the village and head west to Melon Bridge."

Yoshi and Fireball both looked at the King in shock for a moment. Why were they supposed to head out and find a friend of theirs so suddenly and by themselves?

But the King's stern glare kind of scared them a bit, so they decided they should probably listen to him.


Fireball let out a grumpy huff as they paced down the dirt path to Cider River, which sat but only a hop and a skip from Yo****a Village to the east.

"Man! Why the heck do WE have to go somewhere to find the stupid girl! Ain't MY fault Tarts sleepwalks!"

Yoshi rolled his eyes and turned his head around as he stepped forward in the morning sun.

"She didn't SLEEPWALK! Something else happened...And I have a real bad feeling about it..."

Fireball shook his head.

"Yea, I hope not. I really am NOT in the mood to work my @$$ off today. I just wanna eat and sleep. And maybe kick the crap outta people in Melee."

Yoshi nodded. He wouldn't mind that, either.

"I wouldn't hold out on that," Yoshi muttered.

"I'm telling you. My stomach isn't agreeing with those pancakes, and it's telling me that something's up," he explained.

"Oh, whatever," Fireball put it off. "You and your little premonitions."

Yoshi came back with a smart remark. "Yea? Well, then. Who was the one who thought something weird was going to happen last night? Who was the one who knew something was up? I rest my case," he finished, waving his hands.

Fireball's crossed arms dropped as he couldn't really disagree with that.

The both of them were a bit cranky, as they were not planning on something so confusing happening that day. They had planned on a meeting to discuss their upcoming birthday. As many of them were born on the same day, a huge party was always in order, and it was like Christmas for them all. They always planned it a month in advance.

Just then, the long, wooden bridge came into view. The sound of streaming water became clearer, as the Cider River appeared before them.

The Melon Bridge was a sturdy, well taken care of bridge made of wood that curved with an upward arc over the water to the other side. It was the gateway over the Cider River, a body of water that flowed at a smooth, steady pace with an average width of about fifty yards! The big wooden bridge was a famous landmark and often visited, but there was no one there this morning- or was there?

The silhouette of a creature came into view. An elegant figure with neat curves. (Reeow..;)...) A large, roundish head and big feet. There was a distinct, familiar gracefulness in the person's posture that Yoshi knew.

He almost muttered the name, but wasn't quite sure just yet. He kicked into a jog, and Fireball called to him to ask what he was doing.

But he didn't care right then.

"Tarts...? Is that you?!" he shouted, raising his hand and waving as he ran.

The figure was now visible as a pretty, pink Yoshi who looked quite beat, in more ways than one.

Her face lit up as she saw her two friends, and she smiled.

She had little strength right now to run, though, so she just waited for the two to arrive. Fireball, after realizing who it was, had started to catch up to his green bud.

After reached her, Yoshi had a strong urge to just run and hug her, but he came to a short stop. He didn't want to cause an awkward scene, and he knew Fireball would either complain or make fun of him. But it wasn't really...THAT sort of thing, it was the fact she was his best friend, and he was worried about her.

Fireball came to a panting halt in front behind the two, and they all exchanged glances for a few moments.

Tarts' eyes watered up slightly, and her smile grew a little. But, quite abruptly, it vanished. And just as suddenly, Yoshi was caught off guard as two slender, pink arms wrapped themselves around him and the weight of Tarts' body tested his endurance as she collided with him in a friendly hug. A desperately friendly hug.

She rested her head on his shoulder and let a few tears drip down. This made Yoshi quite nervous, especially with Fireball nearby, who was huffing, a slight puff of smoke flowing out of his nose. Not knowing exactly what he should do, Yoshi just let his right arm slink behind her and massage her bare, bruised back slowly.

Her face had a couple of cuts on it. The rest of her was dotted with a bruise here or a scrape there.

As water slowly dripped out of her eyes, she told them what was going through her mind.

"Oh, guys...Thank goodness. I was SO scared. I just...woke up, and I was in this strange place, with grass everywhere, and trees. And it took me a minute to realize it was Grape Valley, and when I did, I really freaked out. I KNEW I hadn't fallen asleep there, and when I met these weird, tube faced weirdoes with...with axes...I just...I didn't know what to do," she spat out, quite quickly.

Her eyes had opened and were staring at the ground.

She let out a gentle scream at the though of it, which sounded more like a whimper.

"It was horrible. I got lost, they beat me up, and there were these monsters around and everything that were out to get me. I just ran. I ran, hoping I'd get back here before they all got me or something."

There was a waver in her voice that Yoshi rarely knew from her. She really WAS frightened. But, then again, so was he, only he hadn't have been attacked when he awoke.

She wasn't wearing anything, and Yoshi knew it was best to bring her back. This only confirmed the already awful feelings he had.

As he let her go, her one arm stayed rested on his shoulder. He spun around to Fireball, which was kind of a personal way to get that arm off, as he felt butterflies float around in his gut, which doesn't mix well with worry and fear.

It wasn't that he hated her. She made him nervous when she acted like that. And he didn't like that nervousness, especially right now.

"Uhh....So! Let's just..go back, and my dad can explain what's going on," he announced, glancing at Fireball.

"Huh? Wh...What do you mean?" Tarts asked, a knot curling up in her gut, her eyes furrowing a bit with seriousness.

Yoshi left it for the moment at, "You'll find out. I'm still waiting to know."


There. Have fun, be merry.

I'm not good at compliments, but I'll give it a shot:  This has GOT to be one of the best stories I've ever read.  Whoever's not reading this doesn't know what they're missing.  And I like how the story is so philosophical.

Hamster Sauce!

Lots of people check the stories out, they just don't feel like posting sometimes.

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