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A hobbit poem


I am a hobbit

I work the field all short and plump
I eat to my very fill
My hobbit hole is quite a dump
Crafted under my muddy hill.

I have brown curly hair
On head and feet
So my pipe I smoke early this year
Waiting on summers heat.

Us hobbis have a lovely field
That we plow and hoe
A sword we can hardly wield
So to adventures we say no.

It's Peaceful times we live in
This land we own is prime
Adventure is like a sin
So we'll live happily for all time

By: hobbit_

mmm... pizza

Cool. But you might try using the enter key.

"Walk softly and carry a Super Scope."

i did, but it got messed up

mmm... pizza

I hate hobbits.

Is this the North Pole? I''m looking for Santa.


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