Author Topic: 50 NSMB Touch Pens Up for Grabs  (Read 3734 times)


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Bags of 50 New Super Mario Bros. Touch Pens take up a bunch of space, especially if your warehouse is already full of cool video game stuff. This is the situation National Console Support, Inc has found itself. Determined to clear up some of the mess, NCS has decided to slash the prices on the bags, originally selling for $130.00, and can now be yours for $95.00. That's about 2 bucks per pen, and not a bad price if you are a big Mario collector and have yet to snag these up. Need something to sweeten the deal? Free shipping. That's right, free. Interested? Click on over to the NCS website below!

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Great! Now I can top all fifty of my pens!

To be honest, I was somewhat surprised Nintendo is still liscensing NSMB products, unless these were made two years ago.
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Hmm... $95, but free shipping... *Makes weighing gesture*

I'll pass, thanks.
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