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Captain Syrup seems to think that Mario's got a magic lamp in his pants, and she wants to use it to summon a genie to fight off Wario, Evil Luigi, and a minotaur(???) who snuck up on them by dressing like Sailor Moon characters. I'm not sure *why* she thinks that Mario has a magic lamp in his pants, but Daisy does her best to enlighten her by explaining that "it's not a lamp; it's something that only men have..."

I cannot for the life of me figure out what Daisy's third speech bubble is supposed to say, though. Maybe someone who is better at Japanese than me can offer some insight.

Lizard Dude:
That minotaur is Bifun, the boss of level 2 of Wario Land.

The Chef:
This was back when there were a lot fewer Mario characters, so the author of this manga actually had to use what the games gave him.

...Kinda makes me wish we could see all those one-off enemies come back in an RPG.

I'm trying to find that old Pokemon comic where Charmander grabs one of Red's testicles and pulls it about three feet away.

Boo Dudley:
Would you ever consider uploading these onto the Internet Archive, for the sake of better preservation? They have a dedicated manga section with a paltry selection of Mario manga -- just a few chapters of Super Mario-kun and Super Mario Sunshine 4 Koma (which I assume is doujinshi).

Just ignore all the barely concealed hentai, which I'm sure will never ever legally compromise the "library"'s existence.


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