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Super-psyched after this new trailer!


--- Quote from: ShadowBrain on June 14, 2017, 06:12:47 PM ---Super-psyched after this new trailer!

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2:06. Post Mario is best Mario.


Mayor Pauline/Carmen Sandiego looks really good

Ganon Vader:
Headcanon: Donkey Kong (1981) and Mario Bros. (1983) take place in New Donk City. As mayor, Pauline held Donkey Kong captive in New Donk City Zoo. At some point, Donkey Kong broke out of captivity and turned the tables on Pauline. Mario, boyfriend of Pauline, saved the day. Sometime afterwards, Mario and Pauline had broken up and the sewers were infested by turtles, crabs, and flies. Mario and his brother Luigi, being plumbers, went to work clearing out the sewers, where they found that the creatures were coming from the Mushroom Kingdom. Then Super Mario Bros. 1 happened.

Opinions on Uncle Amiibo?

Creepy name...


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