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If we consider the screen to be the most important for a portable console, I see three ways Nintendo could go: 

1. Shrink the whole system down to the current screen size or smaller.  In other words, a Switch mini. 

2. Keep the system the same size, but increase the size of the screen to remove the large black bezels.  Maybe this could be a Switch+ with a few other minor enhancements. 

3.  Make a bigger XL system in proportion to the the current system screen and console size. 

Assuming that you grant me the above three options: 

1.  The mini would shrink the joycons so small that they would be unusable by most adults and it would go the way of the GBA micro. 

2.  This seems the best bet for me, but without "a few other minor enhancements" I don't see it happening. 

3.  Maybe, but I feel skipping to the next nvidia chip set would be a logical goal as it would increase performance while also increasing battery life. 

1 and 3 would not work and 2 would be pointless.


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