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Stanley the Bugman and the Golden Hammer Come to the Switch This Month


If you're a Nintendo Online subscriber, you'll gain access to two more NES titles later this month: Donkey Kong 3 and Wrecking Crew come to the Nintendo Switch on July 17th, along with the ability to rewind your NES games.
Donkey Kong 3 is best remembered as the Donkey Kong sequel that didn't include Mario, or traditional Donkey Kong gameplay.  It's more of a shooter than anything else -- you control Stanley, shooting clouds of pesticide at the killer bugs Donkey Kong is sending down your way.  Spray DK's simian behind until he falls from... the roof of your greenhouse.  Truly, the Donkey Kong game everyone was waiting for back in the early 80s!
Wrecking Crew is notable for being one of the earliest "Mario" spinoff games, with the arcade version debuting before the release of Super Mario Bros.!  As Mario and/or Luigi, smash down the walls of the building and avoid the creepy monsters running all over the place.  Like all of the greatest Mario games ... you can't jump.  You can create your own levels, however!  Watch out for Foreman Spike ("Blackie" in Japan), and look out for the Golden Hammer -- star of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel: Nintendo Entertainment System - July Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online


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