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Mario Maniac:
Mario dies in the beginning of the entire Mario series?! Oh no, this means all of the Mario games that were released after Super Mario Bros. were all fake!

Lies, all LIES!

Dairy King:
I didn't want anything to spoil the ending. So that's why I said nothing to the response.

Chapter 14 - Return of a Loved One


"Mario!! Luigi yelled, "Mario! Wake up!!"

Tears filled his eyes.


"Truly, he was a noble man." The king was standing behind Luigi, "Heroic, even in death. We caught wind of what you two've done."

"Y...You have?"

"The gracious troops. Think about them."

"They were the prisoners that we.. uhh.. Mario saved.."

"And by doing so, you and him had given hope to the princess and I. So here."

The king reached into his pocket, and produced a small, green mushroom.

"Place this in his mouth."

Luigi did as he was told. They stood back. White light rained down from the heavens upon Mario's fallen body. He sat up and rubbed his head.

"Where...am I?"

"Mario!! You're alive!!"

"Oh man. I had the craziest dream.. I dreamed I was running in a tunnle. At the end was this really bright light. When got there, I started falling. Then I woke up. I hate those dream."

"Mario!! You had died! You were going to heaven, but then we used a.. A.. Green little mushroom on you, and now you're back!!"

Luigi hugged Mario. Great tears of joy were rolling down his cheeks.

The Mushroom Kingdom was victorious. The Koopas had been defeted, and the land was once again free. Though their side had lost many people too, the joy of knowing the Koopas were no longer running free kept sprits high.


And there it is! Episode one is finished. Next is Episode two: Subcon, the Land of Dreams!!

...And my dear sweet mother, she just looked at me like a cow looks at an oncoming train. She leaned right down next to me, and she said,"IT''S GOOD FOR YOU!!!"

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Dairy King:
I'll get to posting Episode two in a while... I still have a little revision to do to the first chapters.

"The Hero''s triumph on Cataclysm''s Eve wins three symbols of virtue. The Master Sword he retrieves, keeping the knights'' line true."


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