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So you've got a capture card, a bunch of games, and some free time? We want your screen shots!

If you want to help out, please check the list of wanted screen shots below.

How to contribute:
We will need PNG format and the highest resolution possible, please. You can e-mail us the screenshots or post them in this thread.

* Asterix & Obelix XXL 2: Mission Las Vegum - At least one screenshot for each Mario reference.
* Custom Robo (GC) - Check the link for where to find the Mario reference. Screenshot(s) still needed for the page.
* Back to the Future: The Game: Episode 1 (PC, PS3, Wii) - We need one screenshot for each line of the Mario reference.
* Dragon Quest VIII - It is said that Morrie's bunny girls are called the "Super Morrie-o Sisters." We need at least a photograph to confirm this, and a proper screenshot for use on the site.
* Mario Party 4 - "Kinopio Burger" poster for Mario in Japan section. The poster is seen on the wall in Order Up when the camera zooms in on the winning team.
* Ogre Battle 64 - There's a claim that the names Mario and Kong appear in this game. We need at least a photograph for proof, and a proper screenshot for use on the site.
* Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 - Check the link for where to find the Mario reference. If this is still in the Vita version, we'll need a screenshot.
* Retro City Rampage - All the the Mario references. We have screens from the Vita version thanks to WarpRattler, but we could still use some from the PC and PS3 versions.
* The Simpsons Game (multi-platform) - We need screens for pretty much every reference except for the NDS version.
Like the TMK credits project thread, I will update this post when other screen shots are needed.

Please don't reply to say that you can't help. Don't worry, you will be credited if you help us out.

Is the VC download stuff still needed.

Edit:  I got video of all except swimming Mario and Luigi.

I guess not.

I might be able to help. I hvae a Mario Party ROM for my other computer and it might be Mario Party 4. If it is then I'll send you any screen shot you need.

Hey I was just wondering think you could use some photo's of the Super Nintendo arcade machine. Becuase I could get you some. We have 1 at our roller skating place.It has Super Mario World to play on it along with 2 others that you proboly dont want pictures of.


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