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Er--yeah.  I forgot that I haven't turned fifteen yet this year and assumed she was one year younger than I.

Thank you for visting my world, come again ... Now entering reality, welcome back.
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Ah, decided to finally check this thread out.

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Eclipsed Moon.

January 10, 1989

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where isn't the beef
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Wow, Sapph hasn't been here in awhile. Did she leave the forums when I wasn't looking?

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you forgot mine

September 8

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Mine's July 23, 1985

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March the 17th 1990

How about Paper Bowser then yay! at the end of the game you lose yay!
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(Yes, I'm here. I hadn't been much, though. >_>; )

Sorry it took so long to update this; I didn't have my "copy" of the list available, so I wanted to wait 'til I had access to it.

Anyway, happy belated birthday to all those since MegaByte's birthday to now. XD

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Hey, that's me!

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If there's anyone who deserves to actually have his or her birthday wished in this thread, then it would be the thread's creator, I think. So it is my wish to say . . .

Happy Birthday, Sapphira!! \^________^/

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Yes, Happy Birthday indeed!

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Happy Birthday.

j00r 73h r0x0r, d00d!
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Wow, I totally missed when you wished me happy birthday (I was very busy at the time though).  Anyway, Happy Birthday to you, Sapphira!

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Whoo, Sapphira's birthday.

I actually knew it right off the bat. This was because she and I were chatting, and she brought up the fact that I knew nothing about her (which is false :P).

I also can always remember Sapph's birthday, as my parents' wedding anniversary is a few days before.
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Let me be the first one to tell you:
Happy belated birthday!

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