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"I am not really new anymore but I am new"

Classic. XD

Yoshisaurus Rex:
Hey, everybody!
LD: Man, I always forget the possiblity that someone has done the exact same thing I have when making these.  Urgh!  Anyway, I never noticed any threads about new members when I first came.  Maybe there was one I just didn't notice it or something.  Odd.  Mr. Rex?  Hahaha!

boomstix: Thankyou.  I always make it a habit to expound on the material presented to me and blab on forever about things to make sure that I cover every single topic and make people feel special (or annoyed :)).  I'm not that good at making only one liner posts but here goes!
Hi everybody.  Really, LD?!  Thanks a lot, boomstix.  Uh... okay, I guess I'll just stick with my five-liners from now on.

Your forum board has been infected by the YSR virus. Please send an error report now so we can point and laugh at you.

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im a new comer want to fight about it?

No, and I don't see a reason to. That was a rather hostile greeting... But hello to you anyway!

hi i'm new! i joined yesterday and heart this place!  so gr8! ^_^


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