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I am proud to announce the launch of TMKvideos, our official youtube account. If you have ever wanted to share videos with us, now is your chance. TMKvideos will play host to official videos, site features such as Weekend Movie, and fan submitted content. Be it your cosplayin' days as Mario, or just plain old video of your Mario collection, upload it, send me a message, and I'll make sure to add it asap! Just like the Fungi Forums, TMKvideos will rely mainly on your support, so head on to our channel!


Lizard Dude:
Hey cool, that means I can use LizardDude for my own stuff.

I should send you, my AVGN Mii, LD, if you want it.
I'd post a link to my channel here, but I don't think you want YouTube Poop.

Here is mine. 
This is a place to show us your videos.  Share your creations with TMK!

N64 Chick:
Very well then. Here's mine.


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