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« on: February 01, 2005, 10:30:24 PM »
Is there any way to view topics older than 365 days? I really would like to read some of the older posts...

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Yes, but not easily. You need a custom form to do so. Here's one that will let you see anything through in the ages of General Mario Chat:

***** action="/tmk/board/forum.asp?forum_id=500&forum_title=General+Mario+chat" method="post">
******* NAME="Days">
******* VALUE="1">Show topics from last day********>
******* VALUE="2">Show topics from last 2 days********>
******* VALUE="5">Show topics from last 5 days********>
******* VALUE="10">Show topics from last 10 days********>
******* VALUE="30" SELECTED>Show topics from last 30 days********>
******* VALUE="60">Show topics from last 60 days********>
******* VALUE="100">Show topics from last 100 days********>
******* VALUE="365">Show topics from last year********>
******* VALUE="730">Show topics from last 2 years********>
******* VALUE="1095">Show topics from last 3 years********>
******* VALUE="5000">Show all topics********>
****** type=hidden name="cookie" value="true">
****** type=submit value="Go">

EDIT: Okay, may I please ask what the hell is wrong with using forms, input and select objects in HTML here? You can do a lot worse with images than you can with just forms :P

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Maybe if you didn't appeal to hell so much, things would go better for you.

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No matter, I can just bypass the censors for now, but can forms PLEASE be uncensored in the future?

EDIT: New and improved, to browse any forum! Even hidden ones!

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« Reply #5 on: February 02, 2005, 08:06:06 PM »
Ahem. Look at the post above mine.

 Seems it's no longer a mess of code. Find what you need, now.

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« Reply #6 on: February 04, 2005, 03:09:58 AM »
Man, I had it set on View Entire History and then today I switched internet browsers over to Mozilla Firefox and when the cookie for that transfered over, I couldn't get it off View Entire History so I just deleted the cookie and started over.

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« Reply #7 on: March 01, 2005, 12:04:55 AM »
Mmmm... cookies...

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« Reply #8 on: March 05, 2005, 02:00:31 PM »
I had no problem switching to Firefox.  I can change to any time period.  
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« Reply #10 on: October 07, 2005, 08:37:52 PM »
Hey there, just bumping this topic up so it doesn't become inaccessible...

It''s in a better place, Strong Bad. Or rather, it''s in the same place but now it''s got a big hole through it.
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Hahaha.  I call next bump!


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No fair! I wanted to bump this before it goes over the 365 day period.

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« Reply #13 on: October 08, 2005, 04:16:18 PM »
Well, you just did.

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« Reply #14 on: October 08, 2005, 08:49:53 PM »
Well, since this script seems to be popular enough, I made it so you can pick any forum without having to go through General Mario Chat first.
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