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Mario Party: The Top 100


Lizard Dude:
It's cool that this exists (an idea continually suggested since the dawn of Fungi Forum history) but why is it on 3DS rather than Switch? The Switch is both easier to play multiplayer with and has controllers that can handle the original controls of MP8-10. If they were also using games from DS, Island Tour, and Star Rush it would be more understandable. But since it's strictly the console Parties, why use a system that necessitates changing a third of the games' controls? It's a travesty that the so-called "Top 100" will not be able to recreate the true joy of the greatest Mario Party game of all time, Shake It Up (a.k.a. Jack It 'Til You Pop).

I don't get it.

At least the 3DS has a mic, which can come into play for MP6-7. They'd better not remove the voice controls for stuff like Balloon Busters.

3ds does have gyro though, so you can just violently manhandle it.
ngl tho that direct was kinda weak until doom and wolfenstein II

Lizard Dude:
It would be very fitting for a celebration of the history of Mario Party to encourage you to shake your 3DS until the hinge broke off.

I wonder if that means Nintendo will offer up cheap gloves for people to wear when they play this game.

Now there's a weird PR move I haven't heard about in ages.


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