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Were the paintings in Peach's Castle present before Bowser took the Power Stars?

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Ganon Vader:
In Super Mario 64, there's paintings that you jump into to go to various locations. Were these paintings always there, or did Bowser use the Power Stars to create them?

Those rooms wouldn't serve much purpose otherwise, so I'd imagine they were always there. Peach calls them "conversation pieces".

It's interesting, because in Odyssey, those rooms don't seem to exist, at least, not entirely.

Paintings do seem to be specifically used for collecting Power Stars, and I don't know why Peach would keep more than one (or even just one) painting of Goombas in a crossroads-style room/hallway hybrid thingy.

I think that the paintings were there, but the ability to be transported was from Bowser. If the actual paintings are new, Why would Peach have empty rooms, i.e. the ones that the paintings are stored in?

The castle in Paper Mario has a very similar layout to Mario 64's, but with actual useful rooms behind the doors, so I always figured the version in Mario 64 had been distorted by Bowser's magic or something.


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