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The secret page has returned to its original place, and is easier to find.

A hint: Reference.

And now there's actually something to look at in the secret area. :)

The secret page is back!  And there's stuff there!!
Nice, nice...

So now that it's moved again, are you gonna tell us where the old (or new, or... other) loaction was?

Go Moon!

No. :)

"And now there's actually something to look at in the secret area."

Does this mean that the secret page has something interesting on it now that it didn't have before?

Thanks for the announcement. I may try to find it . . . and I may not. When I looked for it before, I just ended up spending a chunk of time getting nowhere. I even searched the Internet Archive for the message you used to have hidden in the source code (and I did find it), but it didn't do me any good. Still, your comment that it's "easier to find" is encouraging.

Lizard Dude’s sig is my favorite.

It's a bit easier because there used to be two steps, and I just took out the second step.

The secret page had nothing on it for a while. A bit later I added the game credits, which eventually made its way into the site.

If I don't forget, I'll give another hint next Friday.


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