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Which staff member will wed first?

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--- Quote from: Lizard Dude on June 06, 2017, 08:16:48 PM ---The forum may be dead, but its soul can never rest until this poll is resolved.

Current knowledge:

Deezer, MEGAߥTE, Lizard Dude – Pretty sure they're not married
J.J., David Dayton, Sapphira – No freakin' clue
Chupperson – I think he lives with a longtime girlfriend but isn't married


Suffix, Black Mage, TEM – All found longtime Asian love but none are actually married to my knowledge

--- End quote ---

I guess I don't really count as a staff member for the sake of this thread, but I actually got married about a year ago.

Lizard Dude:
Wow, congratulations! You beat all the staff/mods/regulars besides Toad.

The original battle still rages though.

I'm married to my waifu. I have the receipt from Kaito's Japanese Body Pillow Emporium to prove it.

我有女朋友, 可是我不要结婚。

I've declared multiple times up to now (not over here) that I plan on getting married when I'm 28, and that starts... uh... tomorrow. I'm hoping I can stamp out my student loans first, though.

Oh, and congratulations, Fifth!


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