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Which staff member will wed first?

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--- Quote from: Lizard Dude on June 06, 2017, 08:16:48 PM ---The forum may be dead, but its soul can never rest until this poll is resolved.

Current knowledge:

Deezer, MEGAߥTE, Lizard Dude – Pretty sure they're not married
J.J., David Dayton, Sapphira – No freakin' clue
Chupperson – I think he lives with a longtime girlfriend but isn't married


Suffix, Black Mage, TEM – All found longtime Asian love but none are actually married to my knowledge

--- End quote ---

You are starting to slightly creep me out...

Yay Fifth!

I forgot to report on this, but as of last June 24th (January 4th legally) I am married. It's a pretty fun thing to be able to fly to Kyushu (south Japan) for family trips on my wife's side.

Congrats, Suffix!

Saw this today and instantly thought thought of this thread.


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