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Which staff member will wed first?

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But what about non-Chupgirls?

They're losers! :D


Well, I voted for Sapphira, but that's solely because she is a female.  J.J. has potential because he is not so active here and most people here are nerds; plus he's very political and most policticians are married.  MegaByte is smart but not so nerdy, and girls like generally smart males.  Chupperson might have a relationship develop over a long period of time, but he could definitely end up married, just not quickly.  Lizard Dude is more best man material, I think he'd try to maintain bachelor status for a while until the girl of his dreams swoops down and somehow woos him over, despite his reputation for being independent enough to not fall into a serious life-consuming relationship.  Deezer might, but there's not much to encourage it, except that I don't know much about him.  These are all cruel generalized stereotypes and shouldn't be taken seriously.  Plus, I'm pretty sure I'm wrong on all or most of these speculations.

Ambulance Y:
Poor J.J. only has zero.


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