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I don't know about anyone else, but i think that Super Smash Bros. is one of the best games ever.  I have over 100 hours as kirby. All my friends (skilled or not) love playing it. It can get very competitive, but still remains enjoyable.  That is why I think Smash Bros. tounaments should be held at malls or video stores.  I tried to start one in my town, but it isn't looking good.  I would appreciate any feed back.

I totally agree!  I am a highly skilled player as Captain Falcon and Fox, and i always win when I play my friends and brother.  I really think that there should be a tournament somewhere for Super Smash Bros.!

I totally agree as well...Out of everyone one I've played against, I remain undefeated, And I really wish I could fight someone else with more...potetail [yes I KNOW I can't spell] But a tornament would defintally solve that little problem. At one of nintendo's polls...they asked if you would participate in a SSB tornament if they held one at any local mall.......sounds kinda suspious to me don'cha think?


PS. I was plannning one myself too but the plan fizzled out as well ^_~; If u happen to live in South FL then maybe SOMETHING sould be arangged...[I told ya, I wanna fight someone better than who's equal to L6 on the computer!!] ¦D I hate to brag, But if anyone else who thinks fighting all 3 computers at L9 on team is fun, IM me and we'll talk...[TmRcktKat] :P

Long shall Super Smash Bros. Live in greatness

Let's do the Mario, all together now!


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