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Whats the highest score any of you got on that gameboy game of that kids?
mine was somewhere around 600,000 or something  im not sure my SNES is all packed up now (g)  ill post my score when i get to GA

~*(Remember:  Koopa is Watching you)*~

Sorry little boy, in all honesty my SMB DX. (original 1985 mode) my highest score is exactly 2,830,700.  I don't use (or know any for this game) cheat codes with Mario games and I don't lie about Mario games.

I see all, hear all, and know all. (At least about SMB DX.)

uhh.. the guys talking about the SMRPG game boy, you idiot.

Once, I was playing, and just got to 100 points, and I shot up to, like, 2000! I have no Idea how!


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