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New Nintendo 2DS XL

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Ultima Shadow:
This'll probably yield a price drop on the 2DS, which is good news; might finally get around to replacing my old one.

I just got my 2DS XL yesterday and I'm already having difficulty keeping it connected to the home wi-fi. Whenever I leave it in rest mode for a few hours then decide to use it again, I have to connect to the wifi and to do that, I have to restart the router for it to connect. What could be the cause of the issue and if there a way to fix it? My switch also started doing that a month or so ago too.

Not much to go on here, but it could be the router.  What model is it?  How far away are you from it?  Do similar things happen other devices?  What is your internet package?  How many devices does your family have that connect at the same time? 


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