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Chupperson Weird:
TEM's topic title makes me wonder if the songs in Druqks have coded messages for titles.

I may as well give a hint, lest the thread die.

If you're thinking there's a one-to-one corrolation between the numbers of the code and the letters of the message, you are mistaken.

Go Moon!

Someone crack this Fifth's code for gold and glory.

Lizard Dude:
I've been working on it every day for the last seven years using all currently known cryptanalysis techniques as well as some I've developed myself during the project.

If the information behind this powerful code is ever finally revealed, it could have earth-shattering implications for our future.

LD has directed my attention back towards this thread, and it seems I do still remember the reasoning behind the code well enough to figure it out, so here's another hint:

The number of numbers in the code exceeds the number of letters in the resulting message by one.

Just don't overthink it.  It's really quite simple.


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