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Don't just copy your favorites list into the topic, pick a handful (two or three per post, mabey) and tell us why you like them.

American Super Mario World Commercial

I like this one because it has a slight mistake in it. Can you find it?

Peach's Final Smash Easter Egg

I am surprised that I didn't even notice that.

Toad's Day Off

It's one of the few YTP's about Toad or that has Toad in it.

Lizard Dude:
Zachary Quinto gets milk thrown all over him in reverse and then forward

A man smokes an electric cigarette in the shower

An RL performance of a Rhythm Heaven game

A man kills a bug

Slug mating

It is a road that you go

A horse kicks people

Metronomes synchronizing on a roller board

A dancing man in a horse mask cooks wild mushrooms

A pink power ranger dances

LD I really don't like your first vid now that you've posted it twice.

Some kind of...Pac Man

What's good my negus?

Submitted for your perusal, sir, please consider the following: I am an agent who has infiltrated your establishment with the intention of disguising myself as one of your co-workers for the purpose of sabotaging your plans for victory

The most disturbing song ever ever (ten points awarded to whoever can listen to the whole song in a silent darkened room)

The proper method of telling knock-knock jokes

An exercise video with poodles

Observe with hasty

That's wack! That's horrible!

Personal Jeopardy (this one has some swears and stuff)

Fox News Alert

A non-funny one: One of the only videos on YouTube with this awesome song from Once Upon A Forest

Are you man enough?


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