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Wii U Won't Connect to Wi-Fi, 103-160x


I know this is apparently a common issue with the Wii U, but mine hasn't been able to connect no matter what.

First, please do not tell me to input the IP address manually or to restart my router. I have done both MULTIPLE times. Neither has worked.

Every other wireless device on my network is absolutely fine, including a regular Wii.

I'm ready to just chuck this console, it has had problems since I got it.

What is the trick here?

UPDATE: I actually got it working, but had to call Nintendo tech support. I didn't even know they had this line open on a Sunday, but they offered something you won't find in most internet forums...

I had to use something called WPS on the modem. It's more or less a direct connection (although I'd wager most of y'all probably know that; I had no idea it existed until tonight). Somehow it works on this goofy console.

Now if I could get any semblance of Mario Kart 8 skills...


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