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The FF is back! We have worked hard to capture the look and feel of the original ASPforum, without all the broken features.

We may still be tweaking a few things here or there, so feel free to post comments or suggestions in this thread.

(Note that the "Help" section is a little off but it should get you on the right track.)

I approve. I still think that it may take a bit of getting used to though.

YES! Reply with quote will make most member's lives more fulfilled.

...not mine, though. ::)

= Regular topic
= Poll topic
= Sticky topic
= Sticky poll topic
= New posts in regular topic
= New in poll topic
= New in sticky topic
= New in sticky poll
= Locked topic
= Locked poll
= Locked sticky
= Locked sticky poll

You may have noticed different "Users Online" have different colors for their names.
Blue = normal member
Red = Moderator ("Super")
Orange = Global Mod ("Fiery")
Yellow = Administrator ("Invincible")

I think that's it.
Edit: Aww, heck, I'll just list them all.
Edit: More stuff to add.

Wow, I must say, this is a great improvement. Excellent job!


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