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Very nice. I like them. I'll stay.

Yay for 2-3 word sentences!

Hmm, I am having trouble with a few new functions...

Okay guys, we haven't totally finished tweaking the theme, but we wanted to get the board back up for people to use.

* As for avatars, you can see them if you switch your theme.  You will not be able to see them using the default Fungi Forums theme, except on member profile pages.  They will be added to the default theme at a later date, but will be turned off by default.
* Unfortunately, this board doesn't have an equivalent Active Today feature.  However, you can see all posts that are new to you by logging in and clicking Show unread posts since last visit.  An Active Today page will be added at a later date.
* The old forums didn't keep track of registration dates, thus all old members will see Dec 31, 1969 or Jan 1, 1970 as their join date.  This will eventually be replaced with your first post date.
* There are a few oddities with quote marks.  I may or may not bother to fix them.
* Since the old forums added one everytime you edited a post, post counts are inflated.  If you see your postcount shrink, it means we recalculated the correct post total... none of your posts have been deleted.
* Signatures are no longer a part of the message and will change on all of your posts whenever you change it.  Since the old forums added signatures to the actual message, you may see two signatures in older posts.
* I reset settings where it would e-mail you if new posts were added to a thread since it didn't work right on the old server.  You can now set this for any thread by clicking on the Notify button.
* Obviously, view counts will only start from the new board since the old one didn't keep track of that
* New members will only be able to reply to topics.  With proper conduct, they will eventually earn the ability to post their own topics.
* New threads in Latest News can only be posted by mods and admins, though news posts by other members might be moved from other forums if worthy.As you can see (and many things you can't see), this board has tons of new features, and we may not have been able to test them all.  If you run into a problem, please post any troubles in this thread.

Awesome. This is....huge! Great upgrade.


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