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I'll have to look into the G&W Gallery stuff then.

Just got Mario Party 3 (EUR) credits thanks to TigerTj├Ąder.

 Wario World
   Released: Jun 20, 2003 (complete release info)
Published By: Nintendo of Europe GmbH
Developed By: Treasure Co., Ltd.
MobyScore: 3.4 (out of 5)
Platform: GameCube
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-Person Perspective

Wario World Staff Credits
Programming Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Kanta Watanabe, Yuji Yamanaka, Tahei Katagai, Yusuke Asai
Design Kiyotaka Ohashi, Yasuo Wakatsuki, Kouji Kitatani, Takuro Nakamura, Kazue Imai, Shingo Nakai
Advisors Yoshio Sakamoto, Hiroji Kiyotake
Music Norio Hanzawa, Minako Hamano
Sound Effects Satoshi Murata
Voice Charles Martinet
Manual Edition Yasuo Inoue
Package Design Takashi Ito
North American Localization William Barnes, Nathan Bihldorff
Localization Management Jeff Miller, Leslie Swan
NOA Debug Staff Robert Box, Miho Hattori, Mika Kurosawa, Yoshinobu Mantani, Edward A. Ridgeway, Dan Simpson
Special Thanks Haruko Hosaka
Debug Super Mario Club
Assistant Director Azusa Tajima
Directors Kouichi Kimura, Hitoshi Yamagami
Producers Takehiro Izushi, Masato Maegawa
Executive Producer Satoru Iwata

-No need to thank me, I'm just
Copy And Paste Boy

Infernoadmin: Thanks but I need a video of it. I'm not saying they're wrong, it's just that I verify all credits before posting them.

--- Quote ---How to contribute
I will need a video (.AVI/.MPG/.MOV/whatever) of the entire credits roll. For easily-emulated games, a save state will suffice. For games that happen to have credits in the manual, a scan of the page(s) containing the credits is okay. DO NOT TYPE THE CREDITS. Supply me with the means to see the credits and I will type them up. Also, confirming that no credits exist in any game will help.

--- End quote ---

Got Mario Tennis Power Tour from Hirocon today.

Just wanted to tell you that there is definitely a staff roll in SMB DX.
I am sure, because I once wrote it down, but I could't remember how to unlock it.

According to the mario-series-ending-faq on neoseeker, you have to beat the Lost Levels:

> the game has 3 endings:
> How ending is obtained:
> - Beat Bowser in Super Mario Bros.
> - Beat Bowser in The Lost Levels.
> - Beat challenge mode.

> Beat Bowser in The Lost Levels:
> Mario runs up to the princess, who kisses him and says "Wow! You are a super player! Congratulations!"
> We then see a CONGRATULATIONS! screen, the credits and a pic of Mario and the princess holding hands ...


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