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~SSB tournaments...?~


Hey, I read in one of the other posts here in the message board but I don't think too many people read it so I'm gonna fill in and post the brunt of it here;

What do you people think if they held SSB tournaments in different malls across the country? [like they did with pokeman...[hehe]

[ I actually don't hate pokemon, it's getting REALLY old now..other than that I think nyasu & nyura are adorable ;) ] Note nyura is the pre evolution of nyasu in silver/gold that is a devil type.. oh wait nevermind, nintendo said it's offically "dark" type now... ¦Þ how childish


BTW does anyone else agree with me that there should be a blood on/off feature in SSB2??

Yea Kat,they should hold tournaments for Super Crash Mothers!!!!!They should also sell fairy beer too..*ahem* anyways!And if ya win and beat everyone you should get money or a free nintendo64 game!!Sounds fair to me!!They really should add blood in it also,it'll make it look kewl,realistic,and funni!!!See what color blood pokemon and kirby and yoshi have.hehehe....

well pokemon is cute but they are so annoying!like take freakachu for example,hes annoying saying "pika!".there should be some super smash bros tournaments but you must be a certain character that you were assigned while the tournament.the cutect character to fight with is kirby.kirby is better!


^_______^ I sooo agree!!! kirby rules!! ^^ espically the blue one~


I think Nintendo really doesn't realize how popular SSB really is. They should have Tournaments in the malls across America! And some other countries. And the Top Grand Prize winner gets either a buttload of Money or tons of games and hardware from Nintendo.

I rule with Samus and C. Falcon!

Oh yeah! Well, Luigi''s taller!

Ralph Wiggum: Hello SuperNintendo Chalmers!


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