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Favorite non-Mario game


Mega 2:
O.K., I know this is about "Mario," but just straying from the subject a little, what do you all think is the best video game besides those of the "Mario" series?

I, personally am a faithful follower of the 3 Ms, "Mario," "Mega Man," and "Metroid."

Mine would definatly be Shadowgate.  I love that cult classic.

 Peace man!

Chrono Trigger should be hailed as the best RPG of all time. I have all of the music on my system as MIDIs, and then again as MP3s, and I musta played through that game at least 17 times (and I ain't kidding!) and everytime Square announced it was working on something new, I held my breat til I was purple that it would be Chrono Trigger 2. Now we get Chrono Chross, but I doubt it can every live up to my larger than Jupiter expectations. Sorry to ramble but I love that game.

Kweeh! Kweeh!

I dunno. I really like the Legend of Zelda Series, and DK64 is fun too...

I just got GoldenEye yesterday(June 9th), and it is pretty darn fun. I just don't know which non-Mario game is the best...


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