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I'm taking a survey to see how many Mario lovers believe in God.  Please don't let this turn into a religious flame-war, just say "Yes, I believe in God," or "No, I don't believe in God."  I'll tally up all the responses when we have a bunch.

I'll start us off.

Yes, I believe in God.

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You might learn quite a bit by reading some of the posts in Religion.

As for me, yes, I believe and trust in God.

"Greetings from Belgium, the only country in Europe where the leading source of natural gas is the local dairy farm."

Forest Guy:
God roxors. I love my religion.

By the by, might wanna change your question 'round because Jews also believe in God, unless you wanna find out if there's any atheists or Muslims or something here.

"Legolas is a guy?!" -My Sister


Time slowed and Reality bent.
But on and on the Eggman went.

And Meowrik, Muslims DO believe in the God of the Jews, and Catholics: they believe in God.

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