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Actually Pokemon is a pretty good game...

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Bubba Love:
...It's just the mass marketing and cynical exploitation of it that sucks!

Oh I like the pokémon game for GB but all the rest sucks

I got Pokeman Gold from Japan, And it's my favorite game next Chrono Tirgger, Mario Bros Three, YI, and Star Fox64. I have 164 Pokemans. I agree...The mass marketing does get quite annoying. You can find just about anhy form of merchandising of Pokemans- I've even found a Pokeman Waffle iron (on an import site).

Kweeh! Kweeh!

see, the pokemon games as a whole...don't suck. the problem lies wherein the marketing strategy of nintendo. here's what they were/are thinking "god, the n64 isn't making hardly any money...donkey kong 64 sold maybe 4 copies at max, so let's shove pokemon down their throat until they buy more and more and it saves the company!"

so..that about sums it up and that's the main reason why people hate pokemon(the other reason is because it's aimed at children). but i have to admit, it's a nintendo product, and as such..the games are very well made and fun for all ages(just like the big n's other titles).



-save the drama for your momma-

Oh, COME ON! Pokemon is the reason Mario,
DK, Fox, Samus, Kirby, and all of them are
just getting cameos! Link is the ONLY guy
getting TWO starring games! Besides, you
should know Pokemon will spell disaster for
Nintendo if they don't end it!

He couldn't last for two darn
minutes before caving in! -Me.


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